Biodata and Religion of 4 Children Lydia Kandou and Jamal Mirdad, Number 3 Upset to Convert to Islam : Okezone Celebrity

ALTHOUGH now Lydia and Jamal have divorced and live their own lives, but their children have witnessed the sweetness of their second household. The biodata and religion of their 4 children also stole the attention. Since getting married in 1984, Lydia and Jamal have been blessed with 4 children. So what is the profile of … Read more

Biodata and Religion of Wulan Guritno, Sexy Artist Who Becomes the Ideal Aunt of the Nation’s Youth : Okezone Celebrity

Biodata and religion Wulan Guritno this time will be discussed Okayzone Furthermore. This 40-year-old beautiful artist now exists with her sexy appearance and is always praised by netizens. Yes, Sri Wulandari Lorraine Joko Guritno alias Wulan Guritno is a presenter, model, and actress in the country. He was born in London, England on April 14, … Read more

Viral Biodata and Religion of Siva Aprilia Claims to Be Contributed to Handsome Artist: Okezone Celebrity

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Biodata and Religion of Kimi Hime, Sexy Gaming YouTuber Ever Goes Viral Due to Vulgar Content: Okezone Celebrity

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Biodata and Religion of Gritte Agatha, Artist Who Was Blacklisted on TV : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Gritte Agatha’s biodata and religion much sought after after his speech on a television program, related to the case of Prilly Latuconsina and Aliando Syarief several years ago. At that time, Gritte had discussed the relationship between Prilly and Aliando until the Danur star said inappropriate words regarding the actor’s family. This made Gritte’s … Read more

Biodata and Religion of Dikta, Vocalist Yovie & Nuno Who Gets Body Shaming : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Biodata and religion Dictation have been looking for a lot lately. This was after the vocalist Yovie and Nuno experienced body shaming. This is known from Dikta’s latest upload. He admitted that many netizens liked to comment on his appearance. Starting from a skinny body due to drugs, dark skin, to long hair, netizens … Read more

Biodata of Taqy Malik, Salmafina Sunan’s Ex-Husband – Herbal Medicine Boss : Okezone Celebrity

BIODATA Taqy Malik recently re-searched by netizens. This is related to the issue that his father, Mansyardin Malik, has a sexual deviation. Ahmad Taqiyuddin Malik is the full name of Youtuber as well as the celebrity from Banjarmasin. Taqy is known to be a hafidz quran or quran memorizer who had his education in Cairo, … Read more

Biodata and Religion of Saipul Jamil, Prison Free Today : Okezone Celebrity

ON Thursday (2/9/2021), Saipul Jamil was released from prison. The biodata and profile of Saipul Jamil are also being looked at by many people, who is a swordsman who was involved in cases of sexual abuse of minors and received a prison sentence of up to 5 years. Saipul Jamil is an Indonesian dancer who … Read more

Jessica Iskandar’s Biodata Complete with the Noble Widow’s Religion: Okezone Celebrity

BIODATA Jessica Iskandar complete with religion makes the public curious. She is the widow of the former wife of the crown prince of the Schloss Wolfegg Kingdom, Ludwig Franz Willibald. Jessica Iskandar is a Protestant Christian. He had just been baptized by his muay thai teacher, Andre Talabessy, who is also a priest. Furthermore, Jessica … Read more

Biodata and Religion of Anya Geraldine, It turns out that the Catfish and Duck Cattle Master: Okezone Celebrity

BIODATA and religion Anya Geraldine make the public curious. Who would have thought that Anya would also become the master of catfish and duck livestock. Yes, the woman who was rumored to be with Rizky Febian did indeed manage to grab attention. Not only because of her beauty, but her achievements in the Indonesian entertainment … Read more