To avoid poisonous caterpillars, birds also trust plants

Blooddrop butterfly. CALLUM MCLELLAN Zoology. The blooddrop butterfly is an attraction. Adult, it sports on the outside of each of its black wings a bright red exclamation mark to which are added, on the back, two spots of the same carmine color. Attention danger ! Its potential predators are thus warned: even hungry, it is … Read more

in Hawaii, birds keep dying

Par Nathaniel Herzberg Posted today at 6:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers FactualThe species of passerines native to the archipelago are victims of mosquitoes carrying malaria, which, thanks to the warming, reach the high altitudes where the birds had found refuge. To save them, recourse to synthetic biology is being considered. That day, the heavens … Read more

‘The Metamorphosis Of The Birds’: A Powerful Film Where The Truth Beats

Award winner Fipreszi from the Berlinale Meetings section and from Zabaltegi-Tabakalera at the San Sebastian Festival, the first film from Lisbon Catarina Vasconcelos represents that way of making artisan cinema, almost homemade, that tries to reach both the epicenter of emotion and the depths of the visual narrative. A cinema with few economic pretensions and … Read more

Video provides thrilling bird’s eye view of Mars landing – Astronomy Now

Low-resolution images were stitched together to create a panorama of the Perseverance rover’s landing site. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech Video captured by the Perseverance Mars rover during its thrilling, near-flawless descent to the surface of the red planet gave engineers on Earth – and the public – their first ever views of landing on another planet. The … Read more

Nostalgia for the “Angry Birds”, these pioneer birds of the smartphone

FILIPPO FONTANA The 2010s already have their nostalgia and, for some of them, these melancholies are associated with Angry Birds. The object of this game – in which adorable birds fight against green pigs who have stolen their eggs – is to throw the birds with a slingshot on crazy constructions in order to make … Read more

Birds of prey and wolves: Boy scouts in Erlangen-Höchstadt are very popular – Adelsdorf, Eckental, Heroldsberg, Langensendelbach, Neunkirchen am Brand, Röttenbach

– There are more and more birds of prey, beavers and wolves: We are not talking about endangered animal species, but about scouts. The movement is enjoying great popularity in Erlangen-Höchstadt, and the corona pandemic has acted as an additional catalyst. Experience nature, camp, sing – and all of this in a community. That was … Read more

Orbex is creeping towards orbit from a UK launchpad, but first there are courts, birds, and billionaires to overcome • The Register

Interview British rocketeeer Orbex has spent the best part of the last half decade or so moving towards the goal of a first commercial orbital launch from home soil. While others have shown off engine firings and sub-orbital lobs, Orbex is aiming for orbit with its Prime rocket. In an industry where dates tend to … Read more

Juste les criquets vampires de Philippot dans le sillage des “Birds” d’Hitchcock

Virginie (Suliane Brahim) in “La Nués”, by Just Philippot. LES JOKERS/CAPRICCI L’AVIS DU « MONDE » – À NE PAS MANQUER Avant d’entrer dans la serre où Virginie (Suliane Brahim, pensionnaire de la Comédie-Française) élève ses sauterelles, un mot pour repérer Le nuage, de Just Philippot, dans le ciel étoilé des films de genre : … Read more