Identical twins give birth on the same day to children with the same weight and size – Crescer Magazine | Education

+ Identical twins Erin Cheplak and Jill Justiniani from Anaheim (United States) joked, during pregnancies, that they would have their babies on the same day without imagining that this could, in fact, happen. However, to the surprise of both, on May 5, Jill gave birth to their firstborn Oliver in a scheduled caesarean section at … Read more

birth of a European electric battery giant

Swedish group Northvolt’s battery plant, under construction in Skelleftea, Sweden, in December 2021. NORTHVOLT / AFP A decade ago, the future looked bleak in Skelleftea. In the town of 71,500 inhabitants, the size of Corsica, 800 kilometers north of the capital, Stockholm, most mines had closed. Those that still produced minerals had replaced men with … Read more

Unexpected! This is Rizky Billar’s answer when Lesti Kejora gave birth to a premature baby: Okezone Celebrity

READY Kejora gave birth to her baby prematurely because there were problems in her pregnancy. Rizky Billar responded directly to the problems experienced by his wife. Even though the dancer is scheduled to give birth in early February 2022. Letsi is having problems getting pregnant so she is thirsty to give birth to her baby … Read more

Aurel Hermansyah will give birth soon, this is Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah’s prayer: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity couple Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar have just completed a series of 7 monthly events which were held on Saturday (18/12/2021) at the Grand Ballroom of the Inter Continental Hotel, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. As parents, of course Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah wish the best for their eldest daughter. After the 7-month … Read more

Nathalie Holscher Gives Birth to First Child, the Grandmother: A Wonderful Gift : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Good news came from Sule’s wife, Nathalie Holscher. She just gave birth to her first child with the comedian on December 12, 2021. Grandmother Nathalie HolscherHetty Holscher also warmly welcomed the birth of her great-grandson. READ ALSO: – Nikita Mirzani Says There Is A Family Of Famous Musicians Escaped From Quarantine, Sindir Ahmad Dhani? … Read more

Kesha Ratuliu Gives Birth, Mona Ratuliu Cry Haru : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Kesha Ratuliu and her husband, Adhi Permana Putra will welcome their baby. Kesha is known to have undergone a caesarean section at the Bina Merdeka Hospital, Sunday (12/12/21). Moments before Kesha gave birth, her aunt, Mona Ratuliu, uploaded a video when she made a video call with Kesha and her husband. Mona seemed … Read more

Krisdayanti Gives Message Before Aurel Hermansyah Gives Birth: Always Be Careful Yes : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Singer Krisdayanti conveyed a message of emotion to his son, Aurel Hermansyah before giving birth. He shared a photo with the princess on his personal Instagram. In the photo, Krisdayanti who was wearing a beige suit could be seen holding the child’s belly. Meanwhile, Aurel who was beside him smiled at the camera. READ … Read more

In the United States, the historic birth of unions in Starbucks cafes

At a Starbucks location in Buffalo, NY, December 9, 2021. JOSHUA BESSEX / AP Cries of joy and hugs erupted, Thursday, December 9, at the announcement of the results of a historic vote which confirms the creation of the first union in a Starbucks establishment in the United States. “It is the culmination of a … Read more

Aaron Carter breaks up with Melanie Martin after announcing the birth of a child : Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS– Singer Aaron Carter chose to end his relationship with his fiancé, Melanie Martin. This was revealed by the singer of Go Jimmy Jimmy shortly after the two welcomed their first child. In a caption on Instagram, Aaron said the cause of the breakup of romance because of the ‘big lie’ committed by his … Read more

Expressing Feelings Before Nagita Slavina Gives Birth, Raffi Ahmad: I’m Really Calm : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Nagita Slavina I had trouble sleeping before giving birth. Unlike her husband, Raffi Ahmad, who is calmer when waiting for the birth of his second child. This was recorded in a video uploaded by RANS Entertainment recently. In the video Raffi Ahmad | had fallen asleep with his son, Rafathar before the moment of … Read more