Bitcoin Falls Below $59K and May Lose Important Support

“Moonvember,” as many call the month of November in relation to Bitcoin, has been a tricky time for cryptocurrency so far, particularly in the past 7 days and after bitcoin hit its latest record high of $67,000. The month was shaping up to be a great time for cryptocurrency, even justifying the moniker “Moonvember,” with … Read more

Historic! Bitcoin surpasses $66,000 for the first time

The world’s most popular digital currency, BitCoin, has never been worth more. Digital currency continues to appreciate strongly and has now reached a record value of $66,608.68 (as of the writing of this article). This historic value was reached on the day the first ETF (“Exchange Traded Fund”) debuted in the United States. Bitcoin appreciation … Read more

Bitcoin Continues Above $ 60,000, Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Rise Due To Elon Musk’s Cartoon

By Daily EditorBitcoin Although Bitcoin It is over USD $ 60,000 today, it has a setback compared to the price it had in the morning. *** This week is crucial for the price of Bitcoin, since they already start to get going the first exchange-traded funds, ETFs, in the United States. However, the price of … Read more

Jack Dorsey Hired Company Now Offers Home-Based Bitcoin Mining Service

Compass Mining, a company dedicated to offering services related to the mining of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, now allows its clients to mine from home. This new service offered by Compass Mining consists of sending the mining hardware to the customer’s home and the necessary support from your technical support to get it started. It … Read more

Bitcoin collapses below $ 43,000 the same day it becomes legal tender in El Salvador

The price of bitcoin suffered a lightning crash this morning, dropping to its lowest level in nearly a month on the same day El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender. Following this sharp decline, digital assets quickly recovered, surpassing $ 47,000 within 20 minutes of hitting this multi-week low. At the time of writing, bitcoin … Read more

Bitcoin sinks! Selloff in the cryptocurrency market

When everything predicted that the coming times would be good for cryptocurrency investors, bad news arrived. The cryptocurrency market is under pressure due to intense sales movement which has led to a crash in prices. Also, El Salvador officially introduced Bitcoin into its economy… only the system didn’t hold up. Bitcoin sinks more than 8% … Read more

In El Salvador, a hundred opponents of bitcoin as legal tender in the street

Stickers against Birtcoin affixed to the vehicles of street vendors, Wednesday, September 1, in San Salvador. MARVIN RECINOS / AFP A week before the entry into force of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, several hundred people demonstrated, Wednesday 1is September, in the capital to ask Parliament to repeal the law, noted journalists from … Read more

Bisq Enters Jack Dorsey’s Radar To Create Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

Interest in Bitcoin (BTC) in Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is growing steadily. The developer recently announced a new project dubbed TBD that would serve as a decentralized services platform focused on the first cryptocurrency on the market. Now the executive would be approaching the exchange Bisq to tap into its experience in this field and … Read more

Další krádež kryptoměn. Za poslední týden hackeři odcizili už 15 miliard korun

ilustrační snímek | foto: montáž: Pavel Kasík, V reakci na nápor hackerů Liquid pozastavil veškeré výběry i vklady kryptoměn a útok vyšetřuje. Burza o tom informovala na svém Twitteru a uvedla, že pachatel virtuální měny odcizil ze softwarových peněženek. Bitcoin je jen nafouklá bublina, varuje … Read more