Strangely Huge Black Hole Discovered in Milky Way Dwarf Galaxy

University of Texas astronomers at Austin’s McDonald Observatory have discovered an unusually massive black hole at the heart of one of the Milky Way’s dwarf satellite galaxies, called Leo I. Almost as massive as the black hole in our own galaxy, the discovery could redefine our understanding how all galaxies – the building blocks of … Read more

The VLT Observatory spotted a particular pair of supermassive black holes

The pair of supermassive black holes in the galaxy NGC 7727 in the constellation of Aquarius is about 89 million light-years from Earth. It may seem far away, but on a cosmic scale it is not – especially as this result quite significantly beats the existing record for the closest arrangement of such objects to … Read more

Cyber ​​Monday: The Best Live Deals After Black Friday Ends

Live Feed Cyber ​​Monday: The Best Live Deals After Black Friday Ends Published on 11/29/2021 12:00 AM Amazon, Fnac, Darty, Rue du Commerce, Cdiscount, Boulanger … if you missed the madness of Black Friday, you can always make up for it this Monday with Cyber ​​Monday! This new big day of promotions is going to … Read more

Sony 65-Zoll-LED-TV bei Media Markt: PS5-Fernseher zum günstigen Black Friday-Preis

BLACK FRIDAY 2021 28. November 2021 um 20:00 Uhr Der Sony 65 Zoll-LED-TV bei Media Markt ist für euch ideal, wenn ihr einen Gaming-PC für beispielsweise die PS5 sucht. Zum Black Friday sinkt der Preis. Dank diversen Bravia-Features (Bildverbesserungssysteme) eignet sich der Sony XR-65X92J LED-TV gut als Gaming-Fernseher – beispielsweise für die PS5. Doch auch … Read more

Week 48/21: Real Life Squid Game, Black Friday Sales and more

The topics of the week. Sources: Fritz Meinecke on YouTube, MrBeast (YouTube), coalition agreement 2021, EA / DICE Welcome to weekly review. This Sunday, too, we want to take a look at the top topics of the past seven days together with you. A lot has happened in the worlds of gaming, streaming and … Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shark Vacuum Deals 2021: Top Apex, Vertex, Rocket, IQ/ION Robot Vacuums & More Deals Identified by Spending Lab

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shark vacuum deals are here. Compare the top offers on Shark cordless vacuum cleaners, VACMOPs, steam mops and more. Check out the latest deals by clicking the links below. Best Shark Deals: Save up to 46% on Shark cordless stick, handheld & robot vacuums, VACMOPs and steam mops at … Read more

Walmart’s Lego City space deals are blasting off, with 20% off this Black Friday

Update: After running out of stock on Black Friday, Walmart’s deal on the Lego City Rocket and Launch Control set is once again available. You can save $20 off its usual $80 price. Read on for the deal’s details below but if this set’s on your holiday list, you should act fast. This is ground … Read more