‘Giant bomb under nitrogen approach’ – Isover and other industrial companies in Brabant enrich themselves with emission rights

Isover in Etten-Leur managed to obtain a permit for 865 tons of NO . in the middle of the nitrogen crisisx and 322 tons of NH3 with the province of Brabant. This amount can be compared with the emissions of 280 dairy farms. A reconstructionIn 2017, research into the compliance of the industry with the … Read more

Hellbound on Netflix: the next South Korean bomb after Squid Game?

News culture Hellbound on Netflix: the next South Korean bomb after Squid Game? Published on 10/06/2021 5:19 PM By injecting no less than $ 500 million into its South Korean productions in 2021, Netflix is ​​sending a strong message, and this strategy is bearing fruit. The Squid Game series has become an international phenomenon in … Read more

Harry and Meghan, “bombshell evidence against the Duchess”. The revelations of the former head of communication

Jason Knauf, the former Sussex communications chief, was quoted in the press release on bullying the Duchess of Sussex against former staff members. Knauf played a key role in the revelations, complaining about the treatment given to three colleagues who, according to him, had been hunted by the Duchess. While Knauf was little known until … Read more

Air bomb in Ansbach: rear detonator defused – that’s the point anyway – Ansbach

– During construction work on Bischof-Meiser-Strasse in Ansbach, another dud from the Second World War was found. There is no acute danger from him. Around 10:30 a.m., the evacuation of almost 3,000 people was completed. Since then, the demolition master has been working with his team on defusing it. About 30 minutes late, the city … Read more

The bomb threat in a high school in Orleans lifted on Tuesday evening, an investigation entrusted to the judicial police

Due to a threat of an attack, the Benjamin-Franklin public high school in Orléans was completely evacuated by the police this Tuesday in the middle of the afternoon. The operation started around 3 p.m. and took place in peace: 1,500 people in all had to leave the premises, after a man threatening to “blow up … Read more

Immediately! Another 500 million in support is needed. And then there’s the voucher bomb

There is the “S” of supports, but also the “U” of urgency, followed by the “B” of battle and then by the “I” of internationalization, as well as by the “T” of tourism and the “O” of organized. There are all the protagonists of the organized travel industry in the acronym Subito. And I am … Read more

Abdul Qadeer Khan, “father” of the atomic bomb in Pakistan, is dead

Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan greets his supporters in Islamabad, Pakistan, February 26, 2013. BK BANGASH / AP Abdul Qadeer Khan, “father” of the atomic bomb in Pakistan and national hero for his admirers, died at 85, Pakistani authorities announced Sunday (October 10th). Pakistani nuclear scientist, admired for making the country the first Islamic … Read more

In Iraq, drone bomb attack on Erbil airport claims no casualties

The entrance to Erbil International Airport, December 24, 2019. SAFIN HAMED / AFP An attack with “armed drones” targeted Saturday September 11 Erbil International Airport, close to the United States consulate in this city in northern Iraq, announced the Iraqi Kurdistan counterterrorism unit, assuring that the incident had caused no casualties. The airport, where there … Read more