“Iron is getting a boost”

Iron ore at the port of Qingdao in eastern China in October 2019. STR / AFP Lhe railroad is not a straight line. Quite the contrary. In recent months, his journey has taken on the appearance of a roller coaster. In May 2021, the iron climbed the curtain. It was trading at more than 230 … Read more

How will AI help boost space tech?

Baidu CEO Robin Li talks with senior astrochemist Ouyang Ziyuan in its metaverse platform XiRang. /CGTN Baidu CEO Robin Li talks with senior astrochemist Ouyang Ziyuan in its metaverse platform XiRang. /CGTN Chinese tech giant Baidu hosted its annual flagship developers’ conference Baidu Create, which was also China’s first metaverse conference, on Monday, via its … Read more

Banks and insurers spend billions of euros to boost their shares on the stock market

Axa headquarters, in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), 2018. JOEL SAGET / AFP On October 29, when BNP Paribas has just published excellent quarterly results, analysts from JPMorgan specify in a note that the French bank “Surprised with an unexpected share buyback of 900 million euros”. This operation consists for a company in buying back its own securities … Read more

“A real boost for climate action”, according to the organizers of the summit

According to a spokesperson for the British organization of the COP, the first week has indeed seen “real momentum for climate action”. YVES HERMAN / REUTERS Find every day at the end of the day the highlights of the 26e Conference of the Parties [COP] for the climate of the United Nations, which will be … Read more

RKLB Stock Could Get a Boost From Its Latest Acquisition

Rocket Lab USA (NASDAQ:RKLB) announced on Oct. 12 that it had completed its $40-million acquisition of Colorado-based Advanced Solutions Inc. The engineering firm has used its Max Flight Software on 35 successful missions. The addition of this software is another piece in the end-t0-end space company’s quest to dominate the industry. It ought to be … Read more

Austin-developed IBM technology could boost space research

Space might be the final frontier, but even as more satellites and spacecraft are sent into orbit, the pace of research is still bound to Earth. Currently, data collected by NASA researchers in space is downlinked to Earth, with a potential six to eight-week turnaround process. But with the help of a project being developed with IBM’s Austin-based space technology team and … Read more

Research to boost astronaut health for future space missions

The University of Birmingham is launching two new major studies funded by the UK Space Agency aimed at solving the health challenges faced by astronauts during long missions. The research will use the low gravity (microgravity) environment of the International Space Station, and other facilities that provide similar conditions to space, and could also potentially … Read more

Space Mining Market 2021 Biggest Innovation To Boost Global

Space mining refers to the mining of asteroids and other minor planets for their valuable raw materials. Space technology is anticipated to enable the exploitation of the rich resources of the asteroids in the solar system and it is being developed by a variety of companies leading to the enlarged scope of the business over … Read more