Belarus: what is this migration crisis at the border?

Poland has sent thousands of troops to its border with Belarus to prevent migrants from entering. Near Kuznica (Poland), November 8, 2021. HANDOUT / VIA REUTERS The Europeans accuse the Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, of having fueled a vast migratory crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border by issuing visas to refugees and sending them there, in … Read more

Refugees on the border with Poland: Belarus dictator insults EU policy abroad

In the dispute over the organized refugee drama at the border fence between Belarus and Poland, dictator Alexander Lukashenko (67) launched a verbal attack against the European Union! In an interview broadcast on Belarusian state television, the dictator accuses the EU of waging a “hybrid war”. Then he cursed the European heads of state: “You … Read more

strong tensions on the border between Poland and Belarus

Migrants at the Polish border in the Grodno region of Belarus on November 8. LEONID SHCHEGLOV / AFP Polish authorities warned on Monday (November 8) that hundreds of migrants from Belarus were trying to cross the border into Poland, the eastern edge of the European Union (EU). The latter accuses the Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko … Read more

Border between Poland and Belarus: migrants attack soldiers

MMigrants who want to illegally cross the EU’s external border with Poland via Belarus have recently tried several times to reach their destination by force and to tear down border fences. That comes from videos of the Polish border guards. At the weekend, two groups of 60 to 70 migrants each threw stones and branches … Read more

With its carbon border tax, the European Union is accused of protectionism

In front of the European Commission building, in Brussels, on May 24, 2021. JOHN THYS / AFP It is a new source of tension between developed and emerging countries in the fight against global warming. The carbon border tax project, presented by Brussels as a “contribution to the reduction of emissions at the global level”, … Read more

At the border between Poland and Belarus, the hell for migrants

A Syrian refugee, in the Podlaskie region (Poland), October 10, 2021. JEDRZEJ NOWICKI FOR “THE WORLD” Ajar walks in circles in the courtyard of a homeless shelter in the center of Bialystok, a Polish town 50 kilometers away of Belarus. “You have to go to the border, terrible things are happening there. A lot of … Read more

Eight-year-old from Pankow disappeared while hiking on the Czech border – BZ Berlin

B.Z./dpa October 11, 2021 11:08 AM Updated 12:39 PM It’s the horror of all parents: Julia S., an eight-year-old girl from Berlin-Pankow, disappeared on Sunday while hiking on the Bavarian-Czech border and has been missing since then. Since then, intensive search measures have been running around the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf), about two kilometers behind … Read more

US delegation to Haiti apologizes for actions of border guards on horseback

U.S. Border Police officers patrol the outskirts of Del Rio, on the border with Mexico, September 20, 2021. DANIEL BECERRIL / REUTERS An American delegation visiting for two days in Haiti presented, Friday 1is October, apologies to the Haitian people for the treatment inflicted on migrants at the southern border of the United States. “We … Read more

Clint Eastwood presents a harmless border drama to fire the tired hero – Celebs.Cool

Clint Eastwood returns to the screens and, this time, it is very likely that it will be the last journey of a historic filmmaker in his nineties. ‘Cry Macho’ is, for the moment, the farewell letter from someone who has spent almost seventy years in front of the camera and half a century behind. A … Read more