Taylor Swift wins the American Music Awards, but a boy band cuts her off

Pop and country singer Taylor Swift (31) won prizes, but is not considered the big winner of the evening. The Angels – The American Music Awards in Los Angeles went off splendidly and surprisingly. Pop and country singer Taylor Swift (31) won prizes, but is not considered the big winner of the evening. Taylor Swift … Read more

Funny! Maia Estianty Changes Her Hair Appearance So Bald Slick: To Look Like My Boy : Okezone Celebrity

HAIR Maia Estianty suddenly went bald and she was happy when she changed her appearance. Yes, don’t panic first, Okezoners, Maia is bald because she uses filter effects on social media. However, Maia Estianty’s appearance still stole the attention. Moreover, he said that his hair was inspired by his husband, Irwan Mussry. “Hi, I want … Read more

Many Photos Allegedly Junior Roberts and Gabriella Eka Putri Kissing, Warganet: Sasimo Boy! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Actor Junior Roberts again hit by bad news. The former lover of Hanggini Purinda alias Jeha was again involved in a scandal after an intimate photo allegedly of him and Gabriella Eka Putri circulated on social media. The photo that was first uploaded by the Instagram account @playitsafebabyofficial, Sunday (2/1/2022) showed the alleged man … Read more

John Grant, a boy from Michigan, returns to Prague

After a long twelve years, the American singer, songwriter and musician John Grant is returning to Prague. In 2010, after the release of his first solo album, he performed at the Archa Theater as a frontman for the now legendary band Wilco. Four years later at the Colors Of Ostrava festival. He will arrive at … Read more

Etra tackles bullying in new single “Dead Boy”

Etra (at the registry office, Alessio Pipan) publishes the single Dead Boy, in store digital since November 19, 2021. The song talks about bullying among young people. The artist, from the growing following on TikTok, he decided to make his notoriety available to shed light on the problem. Bullying, with the advent of social media, … Read more

Pregnant, Jessica Iskandar Hopes To Have Another Boy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Artist Jessica Iskandar is currently pregnant with her second child. Recently, Vincent Verhaag’s wife announced that she and her husband were expecting a baby. Apparently, in this second pregnancy, Jessica has a desire to have a son again. This is known from posts on social media Instagram. Also Read: Jessica Iskandar Called Pregnant … Read more

“The Boy Who Saved Christmas”: 10 Movies You Must See If You Liked “A Boy Called Christmas”

The Christmas It is one of the most anticipated holidays by children and adults, as it is the perfect excuse to reunite the family and, if possible, exchange gifts. Although the official date is December 25, those who carry the Christmas spirit inside have a whole ritual of celebration that begins earlier. MORE INFORMATION: The … Read more

Boy William Challenges Luna Maya and Yuki Kato Using Elementary School Problems: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Apart from presenters, Boy William He is also well-known as a content creator who often dominates Indonesian YouTube trends. After being successful with exciting content such as “Nebeng Boy”, “5 Minutes Aja”, and “Behind the Door”, now Boy William presents new content that is no less interesting. Previously, Boy William invited two businessmen from … Read more

9-year-old boy in coma dies after being trampled on at the Houston Astroworld Festival | Univision News Events

Ezra Blount, the nine-year-old boy who was admitted to a hospital on life support after suffering serious injuries during the human avalanche that occurred last Friday on the first day of the astroworld music festival of Houston, Texas, died this Sunday, bringing the death toll to 10. The youngest, who was being treated at the … Read more

Killed nine-year-old in Kleinsendelbach: why did the boy have to die? – Kleinsendelbach, Kleinsendelbach

– The alleged murder of a nine-year-old child in Steinbach (district of Forchheim) in March of this year has been preoccupying the Bamberg district court since Monday. At the start of the proceedings, the 51-year-old defendant confessed to having killed his son from behind. Only the motive was not clear even after several hours of … Read more