jewelry brands accused of indirectly financing the junta by continuing to sell rubies mined in the country

A ruby ​​miner in a tunnel in the Mogok mine, north of Mandalay (Burma), in May 2019. YE AUNG THU / AFP As Burma sinks into the political and humanitarian crisis, the British NGO Global Witness accuses, in a report published on December 15, several major jewelry brands indirectly finance, through the purchase of Burmese … Read more

The Banyan Tree group launches five new brands and aims to double its portfolio by 2025

A glimpse of the Banyan Tree Escape, Buahan, in Bali, which is scheduled to open later this year Ambition plans for Banyan Tree. The hotel group based in Singapore and specializing in wellness and sustainable offers has in fact declared its intention to double its current portfolio of 54 facilities across 23 different countries by … Read more

Fun, comfortable and for all tastes: eight Portuguese sock brands

By: Marta Assis Stinky feet Created by three friends, Chulé is a brand whose entire process, from the design to the production of the socks, is made in Portugal. If such information were not enough, the standards reinforce the Portugueseity of the business. There is no shortage of socks with lupines, beers, steaks or even … Read more

the great excitement for the packaging of luxury brands

By Sophie Abriat Posted today at 01:13 Reserved for our subscribers To analyseRibbons, paper bags and boxes branded Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton are exchanged at good prices on second-hand sites. A way to treat yourself to a little of the aura of the brands put forward by influencers on social networks. “For sale green … Read more

The Striking Origin Of Some Prestigious Brands

Starbucks, Lego, Asics, Google, Hotmail, VolskWagen, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, among many others, are brands that we ever hear named. We do not necessarily know its origin, although many people from all over the planet they know the area for which they have transcended. Individuals of different ages, and from anywhere in the world, have at least … Read more

Constellation Brands Posts Mixed Q2 Fiscal 2022 Results

Constellation Brands (STZ) has posted mixed results for the second quarter (ended August 31) of fiscal 2022, which topped revenue estimates but lagged earnings expectations. Markedly, the U.S. producer and marketer of beer, wine and spirits provided upbeat guidance for fiscal 2022 on the back of a strong core beer business. Adjusted earnings, excluding canopy, … Read more

These luxury brands rolling out the red carpet for African artists

To stay up to date on African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of World Africa. Photographer Gosette Lubondo was invited to superimpose herself on the photos she took for the Ruinart champagne … Read more

clusters arrive and brands go from ten to seven

After saying goodbye to Hotelplan, the group Alpitour is preparing to give up also Viaggidea, Margò and Karambola. But it does so with a precise rationalization plan in mind, an inevitable tail of the merger with Eden Viaggi, and above all without giving up even a comma of product. On the contrary, reinforcing the proposal … Read more

Made in France: Façon de Faire unveils its platform for relationships between brands and manufacturers

The “Savoir Faire Ensemble” Association, recently renamed Façon de Faire, will unveil at the Made in France fair its platform for bringing together contractors and manufacturers of Made in France products and materials. Façon de Faire, received in July 2021 at the Elysée – Façon de Faire In test since the beginning of the year, … Read more