Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson to launch first SPAC on European stock exchange | Business News

Sir Richard Branson is to launch his first European blank cheque company as the Virgin Group tycoon continues to tap public market investors to find takeover targets. Sky News has learnt that Virgin Group is drawing up detailed plans to list a new special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in Amsterdam in the coming months. Sir … Read more

Space dominance thanks to SpaceX – Elon Musk can now become a legend

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Branson to land fresh £400m funding injection for pandemic-hit Virgin Atlantic Airways | Business News

Virgin Atlantic Airways is drawing up plans for a fresh £400m funding injection as prospects fade for an initial public offering (IPO) of Sir Richard Branson’s flagship company. Sky News has learnt that the transatlantic carrier is in talks with its shareholders and other financial stakeholders about raising additional capital to see it through the … Read more

Billionaires like Branson should stop investing in Alabama until death penalty is gone

Back from touring space, billionaire Richard Branson made a lot of news last month concerning his new “Business Leaders Against the Death Penalty” campaign — announced with a declaration signed by more than 150 business leaders “calling for the end of the death penalty around the world and criticizing capital punishment for perpetuating inequality.” Signatories include fashion … Read more

After Traveling Into Space, Sir Richard Branson Puts His Feet On The Ground To Open A Hotel In New Orleans

It seems like yesterday when he was broadcasting his first trip to outer space and now the founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, reappears public to inaugurate the most recent complex of Virgin Hotels in the festive city of New Orleans. The tycoon arrived at the property accompanied by Marching 100, the internationally … Read more

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos And Richard Branson, The Three Musketeers Of Space Tourism Between Milestones And Lawsuits

The space race it is no longer exclusive to government agencies, not even astronauts who have received rigorous training. Men and women barely prepared for microgravity have already boarded ships that inaugurated the galactic tourism business. The dream come true is carried out by three musketeers who coincide in their conditions as millionaires, and in … Read more

Jeff Bezos has space race against Richard Branson and Elon Musk in SNL premiere skit

SNL guest host Owen Wilson played Jeff Bezos in a spoof Star Trek episode that saw the Amazon founder race in space against Elon Musk and Richard Branson. The commercial-like skit for the spoof, named Star Trek: Ego Quest, begins with a voiceover saying: ‘For decades, the Star Trek franchise has brought you unforgettable voyages … Read more

This Is The Best Glamping In The World (and It’s From Richard Branson)

Good place is the spectacular glamping africano which belongs to the British Richard Branson, former owner of the Virgin record company and current owner of the Virgin Galactic. It’s in Kenya and was voted as the best safari lodge and the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure’s World Best Awards 2021. The … Read more

SpaceX: Musk dupes Bezos and Branson – and already makes money in space

business SpaceX-Mission „Inspiration 4“ Musk duped Bezos and Branson – and is already making money in space Stand: 4:38 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes The Dragon capsule from SpaceX Quelle: picture alliance / Tesla founder and aerospace entrepreneur Elon Musk collects $ 200 million for a space flight. Higher than the ISS, longer … Read more

Space tourism freezes: they investigate the diversion of the ship that transported Richard Branson

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), of the United States, indicated this Thursday, September 2, that Virgin Galactic, the company that offers manned suborbital space flights, will not be able to carry out any other launch while investigating the reason why the device that transported the company’s founder, Richard Branson, on July 11, deviated from his … Read more