A Starry-Eyed, Soft-Hearted Brazilian Family Drama With More Bounce Than Bite

We have only just settled into the genial rhythms of Gabriel Martins’ “Mars One,” meeting one by one the loving, yearning family of four at its heart when, like capable, brassy matriarch Tércia (Rejane Faria), we get a shock to the system. Sitting at a lunch counter, Tércia is trying to ignore the ranting of … Read more

Despite Omicron, Rio de Janeiro comes back to life and enjoys the Brazilian summer

By Bruno Meyerfeld Posted today at 10:10 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe Brazilian city is preparing to celebrate its famous carnival. But time is running out, because, since the end of December 2021, cases have started to rise again in Brazil, already severely affected by the Covid-19. Feet in the sand, comfortably seated on … Read more

Most viewed | Brazilian beach volleyball player targeted for physical appearance in Tokyo

Rebecca Silva: Photo ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images This article is published on Yahoo in Spanish at July 2021. We show it again to our users because it was one of the most viewed stories and commented on our site throughout 2021. ——— The Brazilian beach volleyball player, Rebecca Cavalcante Barbosa da Silva, … Read more

Brazilian sports shooting team disputes Pan American Junior 2021 – In time

The CBTE Brazilian team, made up of athletes aged 15 to 20, joins the Team Brasil team in the competition in the Colombian city | Photo: Disclosure RIO DE JANEIRO – RJ)- The new generation of sport shooting in Brazil is ready for another international challenge: the Junior Cali 2021 Pan American Games, from November … Read more

Brazilian Amazon deforestation is accelerating

A cleared area near Porto Velho (Brazil), in September 2019. OTHER PEN / AP Nothing seems to stop the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon. According to an official estimate published Thursday, November 18, it increased by nearly 22% between August 2020 and July 2021, compared to the previous period. This is the record for the … Read more

Six Songs to Discover the Brazilian Scene of Bedroom Pop

As the name suggests, bedroom pop [‘pop de quarto’, em tradução livre] is the creation of music at home, specifically, in the bedroom. Although it has gained a lot of strength throughout the pandemic, the genre does not present a new concept, quite the contrary; songs made and produced in home spaces have been around … Read more

Discover HBO Max’s new Brazilian program

Based on the success of Selena+Chef, a HBO will launch in Brazil its new reality show of cooking, Sandy+Chef. a production Max Originals in partnership with the Boxfish. The series will feature six episodes and has its premiere date set for 11/11. Sandy will be challenged to reproduce sophisticated recipes, remotely assisted by nationally and … Read more

Five Records That Prove How Brazilian Pop Lives A Great Moment in 2021

Sufferings, romances and dancing or melodic sounds are an indisputably unavoidable and accurate fusion. In brief words, this formula was first introduced in the 1950s in the United States and United Kingdom, the so-called pop music. Due to the excellent receptivity, the pattern has been repeated multiple times since then, acquiring new shapes, structures and … Read more

‘The More Life, the Better!’: Giovanna Antonelli says she was inspired by the ‘Brazilian woman’ to interpret Hurricane Paula | The More Life the Better!

Who watched the first teaser of ‘The More Life the Better!‘ realized that the Paula she is a woman of enviable self-esteem. Giovanna Antonelli she confesses that her character, a successful businesswoman, is quite self-assured, in addition to having other attributes that promise to entertain the audience: “She’s competent, fast and intelligent. Full of self-esteem … Read more