The British Virgin Islands simplify entry rules

Le British Virgin Islands have simplified the entry rules: since last June 15, arriving visitors, regardless of their vaccination status, they will no longer need to register for authorization on the BVI Gateway travel portal and will not need to present proof of travel insurance. The news illustrated by the Minister of Health and Social … Read more

Two miniature satellites will open the door to era of British espionage from space

Two ‘cereal box-sized’ satellites set to be launched from Cornwall this summer could provide Britain with its own spying capability from space. The UK currently relies on imagery from RAF aircraft, as well as the US Department of Defence sharing its data, to monitor things like Russian troop movements on the battlefields of Ukraine. But … Read more

British government sees its first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda canceled due to lack of passengers

Demonstrators protest against the return to Rwanda by charter plane of asylum seekers, in London, June 13, 2022. NIKLAS HALLE’N / AFP After hours of tension and intense judicial activity, the first flight of asylum seekers from the United Kingdom to Rwanda was finally canceled at the very last moment, Tuesday evening June 14, to … Read more

Harry Palmer: The Third Vertex Of The Magical Triangle Of British Spies

The British may not be the greatest spies in history – not if we eliminate from the list all those impeccable agents who had the small flaw of also being some of the greatest traitors of all time – but they are the most elegant and, Above all, those who have managed through fiction to … Read more

The British Parliament, Palace of Science

Carte blanche. While the legislative elections put the National Assembly back in the spotlight, the Palais-Bourbon remains a largely unknown institution. A priori, such buildings have little to do with the history of science. This would be without counting on the research of Edward J. Gillin, a researcher at the University of Leeds, who, in … Read more

Gérald Darmanin “regrets” the fiasco and blames the “false tickets” of the British tribune

“Regrettable” incidents and a spoiled party, but the worst was avoided, according to Gérald Darmanin. Guest of the TF1 newspaper to explain the failures during the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, at the Stade de France, on Saturday, the Minister of the Interior defended the police, stressing that there had been “no … Read more

The secrets of Kate Middleton and other women of the British royal family for radiant and healthy skin

The healthy skin of members of the British royal family such as Duchess Kate and Countess Sophie of Wessex is proverbial. The ladies are among the most photographed people in the world, and they always have to ensure a flawless complexion. dr Anna Hemming was an Aesthetic Doctor and General Practitioner at Buckingham Palace between … Read more

Prince Andrew: Buckingham Palace’s “brutal” strategy to contain the scandal in British royalty | International | News

For Prince Andrew, a deal also has its drawbacks, because the allegations would go unresolved. This was a ruthless palace policy, which alienated the royal family from one of their own. There was no waiting to see if Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, could clear his name at court. He has already lost the … Read more

Prince Harry wants to pay for the escort and threatens legal battle against the British government

After the refusal of the British Home Office the principe Harry battles in court to pay for it out of his own pocket buffer stock provided to him, Meghan Markle and family by the police when in the UK. The Duke of Sussex would like to charge for the expenses thus obtaining a private escort … Read more

a year later, the slow crumbling of the British economy

Sainsbury’s supermarket, London, September 7, 2021. JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP For Renée Watson and her small business The Curiosity Box, Brexit was not a disaster, but the origin of a thousand small difficulties: administrative red tape and increased costs for exporting to the European Union (EU) … “Finally, we decided to stop selling in the … Read more