NBA, Milwaukee Bucks Brooklyn Nets 127-104: gli highlights

I campioni in carica festeggiano la consegna degli anelli con un successo convincente sui Brooklyn Nets, principali rivali della conference. Giannis Antetokounmpo parte subito forte con 32 punti, 14 rimbalzi e 7 assist, seguito dai 20 a testa di Khris Middleton e Pat Connaughton, con Jrue Holiday fuori all’intervallo per una contusione al tallone. AI … Read more

Mercato NBA, i Brooklyn Nets ritirano l’estensione da 187 milioni a Kyrie Irving

All’inizio di agosto, in una conferenza stampa per annunciare l’estensione di contratto di Kevin Durant con i Brooklyn Nets, il General Manager della squadra Sean Marks si era detto molto fiducioso che sia James Harden che Kyrie Irving avrebbero firmato le loro estensioni prima dell’inizio del training camp, assicurandosi i “Big Three” per i prossimi … Read more

Breakthrough in Brooklyn: Kyrie Irving removed from the group! | NBA

Steve Nash had said Monday night that no imminent decision was in the pipeline regarding Kyrie Irving, but he was bluffing! The Nets have just announced that the All-Star point guard is no longer allowed to train or play with his teammates until he can participate “fully”. Clearly, as long as Kyrie Irving is not … Read more

When the Brooklyn Museum creates a dialogue between Dior and New York

Through AFP Published on 9 sept. 2021 “Dior couturier du rêve” had broken attendance records in the French and British capitals in 2017 and 2019. The couture house, owned by luxury giant LVMH, is playing overtime and is invited to New York in full Fashion Week, with a more American narrative about Christian Dior. The … Read more

TommyXRomeo: when a Manhattan juggernaut meets a Brooklyn hipster

Translated by Clementine Martin Published on August 12, 2021 Tommy Hilfiger is never behind when it comes to launching innovative collaborations. Launched this August 12, this new line with Romeo Hunte shows that some are not idle while the small world of fashion is twiddling its thumbs in the Hamptons or going on parties in … Read more

Résultats préliminaires doux-amers pour les Hispaniques : triomphe possible à la présidence de Brooklyn mais défaite dans le Bronx

Si l’avance de la contrôles officiels continue de ratifier certains résultats préliminaires publiés ce mercredi sur les primaires démocrates et républicaines à New York, il y a donc deux nouvelles à souligner concernant le déclin et l’avancée du Leadership hispanique dans la présidence des cinq arrondissements de la Grosse Pomme : Le Bronx dirigé pendant … Read more