Manuel’s gaffe live with his brother Kevin

Tonight after the quarrels and the pulling of the ears it is time to think about love. The protagonist of an exciting moment is Manuel Bortuzzo. The former swimmer who is now happy and serene next to his Lulu tonight at Gf Vip received a visit from his younger brother Kevin. Very similar to him, … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Reveals El Barack’s Sweet Attitude for His Brother Candidate : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar is expecting her second child. This means that, soon, Jessica Iskandar’s first son, El Barack Alexander, will soon have a younger brother. The artist who is familiarly called Jedar also revealed the sweet attitude of his first child to his future sister. He said, El is always excited to hug his … Read more

Igor Bogdanoff died, six days after his twin brother Grichka

Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, here in May 2013 in Cannes. VALERY HACHE / AFP Igor Bogdanoff, one of the brothers of the emblematic duo he formed with his twin Grichka, known in particular for having hosted the science fiction show “Temps X”, broadcast from 1979 to 1987, died on Monday January 3 in Paris. at … Read more

Irwansyah breaks communication with his biological brother who is a fugitive from the police : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Irwansyah it is reported that he has cut off communication with his younger brother, Hafiz Fatur, who is on the police wanted list (DPO), due to alleged corruption of Rp. 3.1 billion. This was revealed by the actor’s manager, Muhaimin. “Yes, until today there has been no more communication,” said Muhaimin when contacted by … Read more

“After the Big Brother Vip I didn’t work anymore”

If he could, Gabriele Rossi would not do the Big Brother Vip. If a few months after the end of the reality show the actor had declared his gratitude for the program, stating that the house had benefited his career, now the ex-partner of Gabriel Garko retraces his steps and regrets the choice made. Gabriele … Read more

Big Brother Vip, Soleil and Miriana fight over a curling iron: “I understand menopause …”

Sparks in the house of Big Brother Vip between Soleil e Miriana Trevisan. And all for a trivial curling irons. The showgirl was in the room resting and was suddenly awakened by the voice of theItalian-American influencer angry because the curling iron it was dirty. Read also> Gf Vip, hot massage between Soleil and Alex … Read more

Vanessa Angel’s Sister Accused of Social Security, Doddy Sudrajat: They Want to Dedicate a Song to His Brother : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Both sisters Vanessa Angel, Mayang and Chika, sang again the song popularized by SEVENTEEN’s Ifan entitled Yesterday on November 23 last. They sang the song before even 40 days since the departure of his brother. Not a few people accuse both social media and seek popularity. Father, Doddy Sudrajat then responded in this regard. … Read more

Imperfect Song Confesses Cita Citata about Brother with Disabilities : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Singer Cita Citata released her first pop genre song titled Not Perfect under Wander Digital and Treasure Hit. Through this single, he wants to convey that all humans are not perfect. “If we talk about “Imperfect” this is the song, yes, Cita is an imperfect human. All humans are not perfect, the place … Read more

Meghan Markle, his brother writes a letter to Prince Harry: “I apologize”

The brother from Meghan Markle, Thomas, say “mea culpa” and apologize to he principle Harry. After the disagreements of the past years dating back above all to the period preceding the marriage of the dukes of Sussex, an apology comes through one letter. Thomas Markle Jr he wrote to his brother-in-law to be forgiven for … Read more

A hunch, Brother Gets a Large Amount of Snack Money from Vanessa Angel : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Deep wounds are still felt by Vanessa Angel’s family after her passing. Especially for Vanessa’s younger sister known as Mayang. Today, Tuesday (9/11/21) Mayang and his father, Doddy Sudrajat, visited Vanessa and Bibi’s graves. According to Doddy, this is Mayang’s first time visiting Vanessa Angel’s grave. Mayang has not had time to visit … Read more