Christian Bale’s Beanie Looks Like Another Brutal Marvel Villain

The movie Thor: Love and Thunder will feature Christian Bale’s Gorr, who will make things very difficult for the leads. If we review all the movies of Thor in it Marvel Cinematic Universe we can check that the God of Thunder has had the toughest villains. As Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is about to kill him … Read more

Basinfirefest comes to life under the wings of Brutal Assault

After a two-year hiatus, the West Bohemian Basinfirefest festival is fully coming to life. She took the event under the wings of the Obscure promotion agency, which is building a second, more stylistically diversified event in addition to the main festival magnet in the form of Brutal Assault. The sixteenth year, as usual, will take … Read more

Netflix star delivers one of the most brutal action thrillers of the year

If you can’t imagine the loser hero with a conscience from Squid Game shooting through the streets like a Rambo in a suit and ramming minibuses into cars in a very functional way, then you should watch Hunt. Espionage Hatz shows the star of the most successful Netflix series ever in two important roles: Lee … Read more

Amber Heard Recounts How She Met Elon Musk Days Before Johnny Depp’s ‘brutal Assault’

After more than a week of recess, continue the trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in which both have sued each other for a crime of defamation and for which they ask for a millionaire financial compensation. What at first should be a process focused on the accusations of one and the … Read more

The brutal Buffalo shooting was broadcast live on Twitch and Discord and both platforms speak out on it

social networks are a fascinating toolwhich help us make ourselves known, inform, relate to other people and even generate income as in any job. Sadly, they can be a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. The example is found in a brutal shooting occurred in the city of Buffalo (New York)over the past weekend. The … Read more

Prince Andrew: Buckingham Palace’s “brutal” strategy to contain the scandal in British royalty | International | News

For Prince Andrew, a deal also has its drawbacks, because the allegations would go unresolved. This was a ruthless palace policy, which alienated the royal family from one of their own. There was no waiting to see if Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, could clear his name at court. He has already lost the … Read more

After “Squid Game” the next brutal series from Korea on Netflix – News 2022

In the past year, no series caused such media hype as the Korean Netflix Original Squid Game. Now the next original from South Korea will be released soon, which is really brutal again. In the first two weeks after its release, “Squid Game” broke all Netflix records and became by far the most successful series … Read more

How the hit series reflects the brutal reality of young people in South Korea

Home page Political Created: December 31, 2021, 7:25 pm From: Foreign Policy divide The hit series “Squid Game” from South Korea reflects a landscape of desperation. In the past 20 years, the country had the highest suicide rate among industrialized countries. The Netflix series “Squid Game” was a mega-hit in 2021 – a dystopian and … Read more

Day care center in Hamm: Children re-enact shooting scenes from the brutal “Squid Game” series Hamm Created: December 27, 2021, 8:56 pm divide Scene from the first season of the series “Squid Game”: Some parents apparently did not know that the Netflix production was not a children’s series. © picture alliance / dpa / Netflix / Noh Juhan The hype surrounding the brutal South Korean series “Squid Game” has … Read more

Katarzia releases the album “n5”. He seeks the courage to tell the most brutal truth

Katarzia is releasing her fifth series. The collection is simply called “n5” and naturally follows last year’s album “Celibacy”, which, among other things, ranked ninth in our annual home charts. © Alexandr Martsynyuk The author is again working on the novelty with an experimental club sound with elements of hyperpop, more intimate pieces are supported … Read more