Squid Game: What would the series look like if it didn’t have a budget? A Nigerian collective imagines it

News culture Squid Game: What would the series look like if it didn’t have a budget? A Nigerian collective imagines it Published on 10/20/2021 3:30 PM Cultural product at the center of attention, Squid Game is a hit. The South Korean series made $ 891 million, while it took just $ 21.4 million to produce … Read more

According to the Secours Catholique, the pandemic has contributed to worsening the budget, food and health of the poorest

Food distribution by Secours Catholique in Toulouse, April 3, 2020. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP Containment and the pandemic have indeed caused an additional budgetary shock among the poorest families, as measured by Secours Catholique in its 2020 annual report, published this Thursday, November 18: 30% of them have suffered loss of income and 60% saw … Read more

Survey. Portuguese blame socialists and left for political crisis, but PS can win legislative

This is a first reading of the political-partisan panorama after the earthquake that hit Portugal last week, with the lead of the State Budget for 2022. The Portuguese Catholic University survey for RTP, Antena 1 and newspaper Public, held from October 29th to November 4th, analyzes various parameters of the national political spectrum, from the … Read more

Political crisis. PCP with vote against State Budget in general

In a statement shortly after noon, Jerónimo de Sousa stated that “in this context, given the framework of commitments and signals given, the PCP will vote against this State Budget”. The secretary general of the PCP said that “Portugal does not need any Budget, it needs answers to the existing problems that increase as they … Read more

OE2022. Left bloc maintains vote against after meeting with prime minister

The Left Bloc also informed the Government that, until the vote in general – next Wednesday, October 27 – it will be open for negotiation. The Political Committee of the party, headed by Catarina Martins, will propose the vote against this Sunday to the National Bureau, the highest organ of the party among Conventions. This … Read more

Revised Text and Budget for D.9 NuSTAR General Observer Program Cycle 8

NASA SMD ROSES-21 Amendment 40: Revised Text and Budget for D.9 NuSTAR General Observer Program Cycle 8 Status Report From: NASA Science Mission Directorate Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2021 The NuSTAR General Observer (GO) Program solicits proposals for basic research relevant to the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) Small Explorer (SMEX) mission, the first orbiting … Read more

Senate Appropriators Increase NASA’s Budget a Tad, But Not Enough for a Second HLS – SpacePolicyOnline.com

The Senate Appropriations Committee released the FY2022 appropriations bill that funds NASA today, skipping over subcommittee and full committee markups as it did last year. The Commerce-Justice-Science (CJS) bill provides $24.837 billion for NASA, almost the same as the request.  While it adds $100 million for a second lunar landing system, it is not enough … Read more

The future of Russia’s Space program is bleak, Putin slashes space budget

Source:Parabolic Arc Space tourism is the future and only those space programs that are commercializing space tourism and hospitality will become the global leaders in this new niche of business, and maybe, Russia will not be one of those leaders. According to recent reports, Russia’s space program budgets have been slashed in half by Vladimir … Read more

Parisians shun Anne Hidalgo’s participatory budget

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, at the Champs Elysées, September 16. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP In Paris, the participatory democracy of which Anne Hidalgo has made one of its great political markers is experiencing failures. Parisians have shunned the latest edition of the participatory budget, which allows residents to choose certain public investments. Only … Read more