You can spend the night in a building that looks a lot like Squid Game!

The incredible tracery that Squid Game participants must borrow to participate in the series’ deadly games does not exist in reality. On the other hand, one can find a building which closely resembles this astonishing structure. And you can even rent it on Airbnb! Fans of Squid Game, and they are millions, would pay dearly … Read more

Squid Game: Why did Gi-hun and Oh Il-nam end up on the 7th floor of a building?

And Squid Game is Netflix’s highest grossing series, it has terrible consequences for children as revealed by a psychologist. Indeed, many have fun reproducing the games in the playgrounds without really understanding the violent images they have observed. Regarding the end of Squid Game, some spectators would have preferred to discover another conclusion, no less … Read more

China is building a new ship for sea launches to space

China is building a specially designed ship for launching rockets into space from the seas in an effort to boost its capacity to launch satellites and recover rocket stages. The 533 feet (162.5 meters) long, 131 feet (40 meters) wide “New-type rocket launching vessel” is being constructed for use with the new China Oriental Spaceport … Read more

How NASA is building next-gen spacesuits for Artemis moon astronauts (video)

Forthcoming spacesuits will be a boon to all future moon explorers, both male and female, NASA officials say. The spacesuit that will be used by NASA’s Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the moon just a few years from now, will fit a wider range of body sizes, will be highly mobile and … Read more

Polish Ambassador ’21. President of POLSA among those distinguished “for building a country brand in the world”

The annual KGHM “Ambassador of Poland” plebiscite is intended to award people “who in various fields, thanks to their talent and commitment, promote Poland around the world”. As in previous years, among the nominees there were several dozen people – scientists, artists, sportsmen and social activists. The honorary patronage over the event was assumed by … Read more

Dirty Old Dogs christens the album in the building just before its demolition

Dirty Old Dogs will baptize their third album “Let’s Burn Heaven Again” on Wednesday, October 27, at the former Olomouc gallows in the Fort Galgenberg complex. The recording, which was released digitally in May this year, is now also being released on vinyl by Indies Scope. The band remains faithful to the central theme of … Read more

Proposed Building of Coastal Ga. Spaceport Awaiting Federal Approval : CEG

Camden County in Georgia’s southeast corner has spent nine years and $10 million seeking permission to build what would be the nation’s 13th licensed commercial spaceport. (Photo source: Spaceport Camden, a public-private company aiming to build a world class launch facility at a site along Georgia’s coast, is awaiting a decision from the federal … Read more

NASA Tracks Multiple Asteroids Passing By Earth—One Nearly the Size of Empire State Building

NASA is tracking multiple asteroids that will be passing near the Earth in the next couple of weeks, which includes one as big as the tall Empire State Building. (Photo : by -/NASA/AFP via Getty Images)This image mosaic of asteroid 253 Mathilde releaseed by NASA 30 June is constructed from four images acquired by the … Read more

“Imagining and building the resilient city”, a theme debated during the Resilience Forum

The “quarter-hour city” must allow people to live while minimizing their trips. Municipal employees use stencils to mark a line of cyclist traffic on a road in Saint-Malo (Brittany), May 11, 2020. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP Aziza Akhmouch “The city of tomorrow must guarantee the well-being of all its inhabitants and make the fight against … Read more

J-Ax defends the disabled 83-year-old who asks for an elevator in his building. «I’ll pay you the legal fees» VIDEO

The appeal of Emo Groups, the disabled elderly person of Bologna, who for 15 years has been trying to have an elevator installed in the building where he lives, was welcomed by J-Ax. In front of all’ndifferenza of his neighbors who, each time do not respond to his request, the Italian rapper has proposed to … Read more