This One-man Flying Car Flies At 102 Km / H And Looks Like Something Out Of A ‘Star Wars’ Movie: This Is The Jetson ONE

Although there is still a little left for flying cars are a daily thing, there are many manufacturers and brands that are turning to its development. AirCar, Honda, XPeng, Uber, Lilium and PorscheTo say only a few brands, it has projects related to this technology, but the one that concerns us today is the Swiss … Read more

Musk builds car components into rockets: Why Tesla parts go to SpaceX

from Kilian Marx am 20.05.2021 SpaceXTesla parts such as the Model 3 engines are apparently installed on SpaceX rockets. The fact that there is a connection between the space company SpaceX and the automobile manufacturer Tesla is more than an open secret, thanks to the same CEO of both companies. The connection is getting closer … Read more

“With the switch to electric, the car will become a rarer and more expensive commodity”

Zoe electric assembly line, at the Renault plant in Flins-sur-Seine (Yvelines), May 6, 2020. MARTIN BUREAU / AFP Pertes & profits. As in 1995. The car market in Europe has returned to the sales it recorded more than twenty-five years ago. According to statistics released Friday, October 15, by the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, … Read more

A meteoroid rushed into the bedroom. The unusual effect of a meteor shower over Canada?

On Sunday night October 3-4, 2021, in the town of Golden in the Canadian province of British Columbia, a rare case of a falling meteoroid hit a human household by all means. His resident, 66-year-old Ruth Hamilton, was a direct witness of the incident – at bedtime. The interested person herself claims that she was … Read more

Milk truck and car collapse: Eleven-year-old among the fatalities

In an accident between a milk truck and a car, two people died on federal highway 214, including an eleven-year-old boy. Diepholz – On the federal highway 214 are in a head-on collision between a milk truck and a car killed two people, including an 11-year-old boy. Police and fire brigade forces work at the … Read more

A Crime That Shocked Brazil: They Condemn Eight Soldiers Who Riddled With Bullets A Car In Which A Family Was Traveling And Killed Two Men

More than 80 bullets killed the musician Evaldo dos Santos Rosa in Rio de Janeiro in 2019. He was on his way to a children’s party with his wife, seven-year-old son, father-in-law and a friend when his car was riddled with bullets by a group of military men. Luciano Macedo, who was passing by at … Read more

Details Of The Fatal Car Crash Of Matthew Broderick And Jennifer Gray In 1987

In 1987 Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Gray were in a car crash that changed the course of their lives forever. Indeed, it forced them to end their fledgling career shortly after. Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Gray were two of Hollywood’s most popular faces, starring together in the hit movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. In 1987, … Read more

Lurup: 85-year-old car driver crashes into the wall of a house | – news

Status: 13.10.2021 3:09 p.m. In the Hamburg district of Lurup, an 85-year-old car driver crashed into a family home in her Mercedes on Wednesday. It drove first through a hedge in the garden and then into the wall of the house until it finally came to a stop in the middle of the living room. … Read more