‘Dug And Carl’, First Season: A Reunion With The Hilarious Spirit Of ‘Up’

With the premiere in the platform from Disney Over the animated series Dug y Carl (Bob Peterson, since 2021), one may recall that it doesn’t seem very debatable that Up (Pete Docter and Peterson, 2009) be one of the best and most hilarious and emotional movies of Pixar. The first sequence breaks your heart, something … Read more

in Puglia the live shows of Ghemon, Carl Brave, Psychologists and …

Luce Music Festival – Musical Approaches. The concerts of the event continue until 6 September, in some of the most enchanting places in Puglia, an artistic exhibition now in its third edition and conceived and organized by Fanfara srl, Urem srl e Ulysses cooperative in collaboration with the Puglia Region, the Municipalities of Bitonto, Fasano, … Read more

“Up: An Adventure To The Height”, How Many Balloons Did Carl Use To Travel With His House?

More than 10 years ago, Pixar revolutionized with his film “Up: a high altitude adventure”. This production premiered first in the United Kingdom, tells the story of a retired widower who calls himself Carl, who travels with his house to Venezuela through a significant number of helium balloons. Here we are going to tell you … Read more

What Happened To Carl Weathers’ Life After Playing Apollo Creed In Rocky

Carl Weathers Carl Weathers became known for being the arch enemy of Rocky Balboa who then becomes their coach. With his role as Apollo Creed, the actor consolidated his fame in the late 70s and remained active in the world of film and television for several more decades. Beyond his role in the movie Sylvester … Read more

Mel Brooks Celebrates 95 Years Without Carl Reiner And Trying His Luck In The Networks

Absolute legend of comedy in the United States, Mel Brooks turns 95 on Monday after losing his inseparable friend Carl Reiner in 2020 and having reached an unexpected echo on social networks with some viral videos. Like the no less iconic Betty White, Mel Brooks is one of those rare stars, almost turned into a … Read more