“Maurito is not stupid, he got caught for parting”

From Argentina comes a bomb on the telenovela between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara. According to many, the reconciliation, which took place between the two thanks to the mini honeymoon in Dubai, would not be convincing. In Argentina, in fact, they continue to analyze the facts and try to discover the hidden details of the … Read more

A tiny black hole “caught” in a star cluster outside the Milky Way

The newly found black hole was identified in the NGC 1850 cluster, composed of thousands of stars and almost 160,000 light-years away from the solar system (located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy adjacent to the Milky Way). “We are looking at every single star in this cluster […]by trying to find evidence for … Read more

Channing Tatum Is Caught At Campeche Airport

The Hollywood actor that many will remember for his role in “Magic Mike”, “Votes of love” or “Dear John” was seen arriving in Campeche. CAMPECHE.— Channing Tatum, American actor and famous for blockbuster films such as “Magic Mike” or “The Fate of Jupiter” was captured at the Campeche airport on the afternoon of Sunday, September … Read more

Bunga Zainal Creates Content About Her Husband Being Caught Cheating, Netizens: Like Anxiety: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Artist Bunga Zainal quite active in sharing their activities on social media. He also often shares video content on the TikTok application. Interesting in one of the uploads, Bunga Zainal seen uploading a video content that discusses the husband who was caught cheating. In the video he made the song Love Nwantiti from cKay … Read more

He has already caught up with a deficit – will Laschet manage the turning point miracle with Merkel? – Domestic policy

With a brilliant final spurt in the last few days, Armin Laschet (60, CDU) surprisingly won the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017 – and became Prime Minister! Now Laschet wants to become Chancellor – and is relying on the winning strategy from back then. Eleven days before the election. ► As in 2017, … Read more

Refusing to be matched, Zikri Daulay caught by Larissa Chou on IG : Okezone Celebrity

ZIKRI Daulay was caught commenting on a photo of Larissa Chou on Instagram. This made netizens excited, because previously Zikri admitted that he did not want to be matched with Alvin Faiz’s ex-wife. At that time, Larissa was seen uploading a photo of herself wearing a light brown robe in a park. While smiling at … Read more

LOOK: SpaceX Super Heavy Moves to Orbital Launch Mount, Musk Calls it “Chop Stick”—Here’s How it Would be Caught

SpaceX Super Heavy has now moved to its “Orbital Launch Mount” and it is also known as the “Chop Stick.” The CEO and founder of the company referred to it like this because of the way it catches the spacecraft, as it also returns it to its booster mount in preparation for its next flight. … Read more

Onad Leonardo was caught cheating after his wife gave birth, prostrating himself for forgiveness : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Beby Leonardo revealed Onad’s story when he had an affair with another woman. Worse, Onad cheated after his wife gave birth to his first child, Juan Gianluca Leonardo Wage. Beby also said the incident occurred two months after she gave birth to Juan. Former vocalist of the band Killing Me Inside, it turns … Read more

Prince Andrew caught by American justice in the Epstein case

Prince Andrew attends a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Bruges, in Bruges on September 7, 2019. JOHN THYS / AFP “Virginia L. Giuffre, Complainant, versus Prince Andrew, Duke of York, also known as Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Defendant. “ The complaint officially filed Monday, August 9 in the court of the … Read more