Corona situation: Prime ministers speak to Scholz and Merkel after the judgment of the Constitutional Court

Germany Corona-Lage Prime ministers speak to Scholz and Merkel after the constitutional court ruled Stand: 3:08 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes She is still, he will probably be Chancellor: Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz Quelle: Getty Images/Pool At this point you will find content from Podigee In order to interact with or display content … Read more

Fire speech: RKI boss Lothar Wieler warns of a “bad” Christmas in a talk with Kretschmer

AAs President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler usually explains the current pandemic situation in a matter-of-fact, calm manner in talk shows, press conferences and similar roundtables. On Wednesday evening, a more emotional side of the 60-year-old could be seen. Wieler was a guest at an online discussion event with the Saxon Prime Minister … Read more

Corona: Berlin verkürzt Zeitraum für Booster-Impfungen

In Berlin können sich Menschen künftig schon fünf statt wie bisher sechs Monate nach ihrer letzten Corona-Impfung erneut impfen lassen. Dazu sei eine Landesregelung für die sogenannte Booster-Impfung getroffen worden, hieß es am Mittwoch aus der Gesundheitsverwaltung, nachdem der „Tagesspiegel“ darüber berichtet hatte. Auch Bundesgesundheitsminister Jens Spahn (CDU) hatte sich jüngst dafür ausgesprochen, allen Menschen … Read more

Ex-parliamentary group leader: Friedrich Merz nominated as a candidate for CDU chairmanship

Germany Ex-parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz nominated as a candidate for CDU chairmanship Status: 8:38 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Friedrich Merz tries a third time Former parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz is running again for the CDU chairmanship. In his last attempt he was defeated by the then Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, … Read more

Markus Söder ruft „Woche der Wahrheit“ aus im Kampf gegen die Corona-Pandemie

Der bayerische Ministerpräsident Markus Söder (CSU) hat die nächsten Tage als „Woche der Wahrheit“ im Kampf gegen die vierte Corona-Welle ausgerufen. „Es ist die vielleicht letzte Chance um gegenzusteuern“, sagte Söder am Montag nach einer Kabinetts-Klausur in München. Danach könne die Lage dramatisch und unkontrollierbar werden. Die Pläne der künftigen Ampel-Koalition für die Pandemie-Bekämpfung begrüßte … Read more

Corona: 2G Plus, free tests – these measures are required by RKI and Spahn

pandemic 2G Plus for events: What Spahn and RKI are now demanding Updated: 11/12/2021, 5:20 pm | Reading time: 6 minutes A medical employee holds a swab for a corona test. Photo: dpa The RKI pulls the emergency brake: Large events should be avoided. Jens Spahn also speaks out in favor of stricter measures. Berlin. … Read more

Traffic light negotiations: Working groups leave questions unanswered for the top round

BAccording to information from the German Press Agency, there are still important unanswered questions in the negotiations on a traffic light coalition. There has been progress in areas such as climate, finance, transport, and foreign and defense policy, but the papers of the working groups have brackets – this means that there is still no … Read more

Fight for CDU chairmanship: which competitors Merz has to bow out of the way – domestic politics

Finale in the fight for the CDU party chairmanship. On Saturday over 300 CDU district chairmen voted to let the members decide on the new CDU chairmanship. Favorite of the base and therefore favorite in the party presidency race: Friedrich Merz (65)! BUT: Merz is of course not the only candidate for the CDU top … Read more

CDU district chairperson meeting: will the preliminary decision on Laschet’s successor be made today? – Domestic policy

The wires are glowing again behind the scenes of the Union. In the days and hours before the CDU district chairperson conference in the Berlin hotel “Central District”, the old fronts formed anew and hardened: Those who continue to clarify the successor to still-CDU boss Armin Laschet (60) through board decisions, preserve the legacy of … Read more

At the first session in the Bundestag – Greens scoff at our national colors – Domestic politics

Does this representative of the people have something against our national colors? At the constituent session of the Bundestag, the 3G regulation for the plenary hall applied with a view to Corona. Those who had not been vaccinated, recovered or tested had to take a seat in the stands, everyone else got a black, red … Read more