Comeback, Kanda Brother Presents Elements of Life in Latest Work : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The indie music group, Kanda Brothers is back in the music industry. The band fronted by Ricky Yurama (Bass/Vocal), Gerry Febrianda (Guitar/Keyboard/Vocal), Aldy Agustriansyah (Lead Vocal/Guitar), and Danna Prawira Saputra (Drums/Percussion/Vocal) presented an album titled Elements of Life. This album is a sign of their presence in the music scene. The Elements of … Read more

Ikke Nurjanah: Visual Works are Important in Music : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ikke Nurjanah has been poor across the music industry. In the current era, musicians are not only required to be good at composing songs, but also to prepare promotional materials in the form of visual works. In addition to video clips and lyric videos, there are many visual content that can be used … Read more

Jessica Iskandar Reveals Reasons for Marrying Vincent Verhaag : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar finally officially bears the status of wife, after accepting the proposal of Vincent Verhaag. The second marriage blessing procession was held at AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta, on October 22, 2021. Although her love experience had made the mother of one child not believe in love, Jessica was finally convinced to build a … Read more

Bond of Love, Atta-Aurel Wins Award at the 2021 Silet Awards: Okezone Celebrity

NIGHT The peak of the prestigious 2021 Silet Awards took place very lively on Thursday (21/10/2021) from studio 14 MNC Studios, Jakarta. The 8th Silet Awards was able to break the highest record during the Silet Awards show which started in 2014. It can be seen from the ratings and audience share that was achieved … Read more

The Ego and the Third Person Stefan William and Celine Evangelista’s Main Problems? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Before she died, Mbak You’s psychic was once looking into the household Stefan William and Celine Evangelista. At that time, the late had mentioned that the marriage of the two actors would be infiltrated by a third person. The results of Mbak You’s vision were revealed again by Denny Darko. “Apparently, Mbak You … Read more

Lyodra Wins MTV Europe Music Award Nomination! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Another achievement from a young talented singer; Lyodra Ginting. As we already know, Lyodra has just released the self-titled album “Lyodra” which contains 8 songs and this album received a very good response from music listeners both homeland and outside Indonesia. Evidently, Lyodra has entered various charts on almost all digital platforms in … Read more

Ghea Indrawari: Niko Junius Turns Weaknesses into Strengths : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Indonesian Idol Season 9 dropout singer Ghea Indrawari again presents fun and entertaining content on her YouTube channel. Ghea who often invites cool guest stars to chat together, this time invites Niko Junius to have fun chatting together. Niko Junius is a content creator who often makes comedy videos that go viral on … Read more

The Story of Dinar Candy and Maria Vania Facing Temptation in the World of Entertainment, Learn more in Chat with Gus Miftah: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – In life, humans are not far away or can even fall into worldly life. Indeed, worldly life has promised mere enjoyment. However, if explored further, later it will only lead people to make mistakes and sin through worldly temptations which can certainly lead to misfortune. Similar to the two guest stars in Chat … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Makes Prayer Readings a Joke, PADI Gives a Strong Warning : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Edi Prastio, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Anti-Discrimination Association (PADI) opened his voice regarding the video Nikita Mirzani which is going viral in the TikTok app. In the video, he makes the prayer recitation a joke. “Coinciding with this extraordinary Santri Day, PADI reminded (gives .) irsyadat wattaujihad) to Nikita Mirzani who is … Read more

Pepet F9, No Time To Die Becomes the 2nd-grossing Film of 2021: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – Film No Time To Die managed to achieve revenues of more than USD368 million or equivalent to Rp5.2 trillion in box office international. While in the global market, the film’s revenue reached USD474 million or Rp. 6.7 trillion. With these results, Daniel Craig’s last film as Agent 007 became the second highest-grossing film … Read more