No Way Home will be a conclusion to his films as Peter Parker – Celebs.Cool

Spider-Man: No Way Home It is probably one of the most anticipated films of what remains of this year and is that, in addition to presenting itself as a new adventure of the always beloved Peter Parker, this film starring Tom Holland promises to bring into play elements of the Multiverse and a lot of … Read more

What does Zendaya admire about Tom Holland? The actress shows off her boyfriend after confirming her relationship – Celebs.Cool

Zendaya y Tom Holland have starred in one of the latest and most popular Hollywood love stories. A romance that arose between the filming of Spiderman and that, although both have tried to carry it with discretion during the last months, finally they have not been able to hide. First, the couple was caught kissing … Read more

Mario Casas and Leonardo DiCaprio share more things than we think – Celebs.Cool

He had it more than deserved. Mario Casas finally won the Goya for Best Actor after being unjustly “forgotten” in the past, and thanks to his magnificent work in You will not kill. That young actor who has spent years giving himself fully to his characters has achieved his first big head (and from the … Read more

Chris Hemsworth’s habits after a party where he had too much to drink – Celebs.Cool

More than one person will have woken up quite discouraged after spending a night having a few extra drinks. However, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, known for playing Marvel superhero Thor, has revealed the routine he follows for those days in which he felt less motivated after partying. Hemsworth recalls that “You have done this to … Read more

They ask to cancel Emma Watson for sharing images that “promote racism” – Celebs.Cool

The last few days have been of great events in the United States and Hollywood stars have joined with different initiatives. It all started suddenly with the cruel murder of George Floyd On May 25, an African-American man was abused by a former white Minneapolis cop. The protests were immediate, and among the celebrities who … Read more

M. Night Shyamalan is also against simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases – Celebs.Cool

Although Warner Bros. has made it clear that the hybrid premieres of its catalog for 2021 are only a temporary measure, we are increasingly hearing from more and more filmmakers who oppose the idea of ​​a simultaneous premiere in streaming and cinemas. The most recent of them is M. Night Shyamalan, who thinks it’s obvious … Read more

Ian McKellen and his unknown legacy helping young people to live their freedom – Celebs.Cool

If there is an actor who has managed to win the affection of the public from his different facets, that is Ian McKellen. At 81 years old, he accumulates a legion of fans of all generations thanks to the roles of Gandalf and Magneto, while he owns a filmography full of memorable genres and films. … Read more