Jörg Kukies, the very special adviser to the new German chancellor

Olaf Scholz (left), then Federal Minister of Finance and Jörg Kukies (right), then Secretary of State for Financial Markets and Europe, on March 24, 2020, in Berlin. IMAGO / PANORAMIC It is a rural region, watered by the Rhine, where the vine is doing like a charm and where the Romans left superb vestiges. Its … Read more

Bundestag live: election for the new Federal Chancellor is underway – politics

Home Political Germany Federal government December 8, 2021, 10:00 a.m. Federal government : Germany gets a new chancellor A historic day: Angela Merkel’s term of office ends after 16 years. Olaf Scholz’s successor is being elected in the Bundestag, and the new ministers will also be sworn in later. The session in the livestream. from … Read more

Olaf Scholz, a reassuring German chancellor

Olaf Scholz at the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Berlin, December 6, 2021. HANNIBAL HANSCHKE / REUTERS Berlin, June 24, 2020. Two advisers from Olaf Scholz receive The world at the Ministry of Finance. Subject of the meeting: the recovery plan that Germany and France wish to have adopted by the Twenty-Seven at … Read more

Book about the new Chancellor: What drives Olaf Scholz

Politics on the couch Book about the new Chancellor: What drives Olaf Scholz Updated: 12/01/2021, 05:47 AM | Reading time: 4 minutes Photo: Annette Hauschild Abendblatt editor-in-chief Lars Haider has published a first book on the values ​​and maxims of the future Federal Chancellor. Wpo Nfslfm xvttufo xjs nbodift- wpo Lpim wjfm- wpo Tdis ÷ … Read more

16 years Chancellor: Merkel and the art of compromise

Status: 23.10.2021 4:22 a.m. Merkel’s style of government has always included the struggle for compromises – if necessary all night long, as happened at numerous EU summits. There was only one thing she never succeeded in doing in her 16 years as chancellor. By Georg Schwarte, ARD capital studio For Angela Merkel, the compromise is … Read more

Sebastian Kurz: Explosive chats are a burden for the Chancellor

RTL>news> October 11, 2021 – 11:31 am clock “I hate him, Bussi Thomas” After the political earthquake in Austria, new details are becoming known that do not shed a good light on the resigned Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). Excerpts from chat messages show a different picture of Sebastian Kurz than the public had before. It’s … Read more

Austria’s new Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg: oath of loyalty for a short time! – Politics abroad

It was his first statement as Chancellor – and his oath of loyalty to Sebastian Kurz could not have been clearer! Alexander Schallenberg (52) emphasized that he would work “very closely” with Kurz (35) and said that the allegations against Kurz were “wrong” from his point of view. More loyalty is not possible! Schallenberg and … Read more

Why Sebastian resigned shortly after the allegations

VOn Tuesday, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler invited journalists from the foreign press to his ministry in Vienna’s Radetzkystraße near the Danube Canal. Defaced on the outside by construction sites, inside, well, functional. But Kogler likes to sit there, after all, he has a nice view from his desk. And above all, he values ​​the influence … Read more

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz resigns

Dhe Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced his retirement from the top of the government on Saturday evening, but wants to remain party chairman of the ÖVP and lead its faction in parliament. Kurz follows a demand made by his coalition partner, the Greens. Because of the advertisement affair, they had denied him the further ability … Read more