“This is the real reason for the Princess’s hospitalization”

There is no peace for Charlène of Monaco. A new background calls into question the real reasons for the hospitalization of the princess, who left the Principality several days ago to settle in a specialized center in Switzerland, perhaps in Zurich. If at the beginning it was feared that Covid or even a tumor was … Read more

Charlene of Monaco, the messages of her children move the Principality: “Mom, we miss you”

Couldn’t have a nicer message. Because it comes from the children Jacques e Gabriella, than with their billboard for mom Charlene have moved the Principality of Monaco (and not only): the two appeared with their father Alberto from the balcony of the Palazzo dei Grimaldi with a message made by them for the mother who … Read more

she seeks a home in South Africa with the twins

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, the story is over: she is looking for a house in South Africa with her twins. More and more clouds over the wedding of Charlene Lynette Wittstocke and Prince Albert of Monaco who have not publicly appeared together since January 26. This is enough to trigger a rumble that makes … Read more