award-winning chemistry catalysts

The co-winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry Benjamin List applauded by his colleagues at the Max-Planck Institute in Mülheim (Germany), October 6, 2021. INA FASSBENDER / AFP If the Nobel jury for physiology and medicine did not want to celebrate too early the revolution of messenger RNA vaccines, their colleagues in chemistry, who could … Read more

two researchers rewarded for the development of “asymmetric organocatalysis”, which “made chemistry greener”

Their work focuses on a new means of accelerating chemical reactions, used in particular in pharmaceutical research. Article written by Posted the 06/10/2021 12:09 Update the 06/10/2021 13:26 Reading time : 1 min. Like the physics prize the day before, the Nobel Prize in chemistry rewarded researchers involved in the ecological turn on Wednesday, October … Read more

Nobel Prize in Chemistry: German Benjamin List awarded – Counselor

This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to Benjamin List from Germany and US researcher David WC MacMillan, who was born in Scotland, for methods to accelerate chemical reactions. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced on Wednesday in Stockholm. The chemistry award winners of the year had developed a new and ingenious tool for … Read more

Oh Ji Ho is accused of inviting Heo Yi Jae to have sex for the sake of chemistry Role: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – Actress Princess Hour, Heo Yi Jae gave a surprising statement about his reason for retiring from the entertainment world. He admitted that he was traumatized when his co-star asked him to have sex on the pretext of a role. Not just a lewd invitation, Yi Jae also revealed, the actor also often cursed … Read more