Aaron Carter breaks up with Melanie Martin after announcing the birth of a child : Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS– Singer Aaron Carter chose to end his relationship with his fiancé, Melanie Martin. This was revealed by the singer of Go Jimmy Jimmy shortly after the two welcomed their first child. In a caption on Instagram, Aaron said the cause of the breakup of romance because of the ‘big lie’ committed by his … Read more

YosStop is released from the Santa Martha Acatitla jail; will continue its process in freedom | Yoseline Hoffman | Mexico | Child pornography | VIDEO | WORLD

The Mexican youtuber Yoseline Hoffman, known as YosStop, accused of child pornography, reached an agreement with the courts and was released this Tuesday from the Santa Martha Acatitla prison in Mexico City after five months in prison. “I am very happy because I am now free. The truth is that the only thing I can … Read more

Not yet Born, Aurel Hermansyah’s Prospective Child Has a Bag the Price of a Motorcycle : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Aurel Hermansyah’s gestational age is now approaching the seventh month. According to tradition, pregnant women have started to be able to buy some equipment to welcome the arrival of their baby. Aurel seems to have done that too. As a future mother, the wife of Atta Halilintar is known to have started buying … Read more

BKA is looking for child molesters – who knows this bathroom? – BZ Berlin

B.Z. 30. November 2021 14:27 Updated 02:27 PM The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is publicly looking for a suspicious man on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of several children. The camera he took pictures with was sold in Berlin! by Kolja Gärtner And suddenly these harmlessly cute objects seem frightening and monstrous: With photos … Read more

Cupra, the spoiled child of the Volkswagen group

La Born, Cupra’s first all-electric model. CUPRA The electrification of the automotive sector always generates more new signatures, as if it were preferable to start from a blank page to change era. Like Polestar and Lynk & Co, created by Volvo, and Ioniq or BZ, inducted respectively by Hyundai and Toyota, the Volkswagen group has … Read more

Surprisingly, Oki Setiana Dewi’s child has just undergone surgery for a rare disease: Okezone Celebrity

SON Oki Setiana Dewi’s youngest, Sulaiman Ali Abdullah recently underwent surgery. Ria Ricis’s niece is known to suffer from a rare disease. For information, Oki’s youngest son was born with different health conditions. Baby Sulaiman suffers from a rare disease, namely Prader Willi Syndrome which makes him have to undergo regular health checks to undergo … Read more

the death toll rises to six after the death of a child

A memorial to the victims on November 23, 2021, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a driver hit the crowd with his car two days earlier. JEFFREY PHELPS / AP While Darrell Brooks Jr appeared in court on Tuesday, November 23, Susan Opper, attorney for Waukesha County (Wisconsin) in the United States, spoke. “I would unfortunately like … Read more

Cute Fara Child Connects Cupi Cupita, Let’s Take a Peek at the Portrait : Okezone Celebrity

NOT YET A week later, Cupi Cupita was married to Bintang Bagus, he seemed very close to his next child, Fara. Living at home, the interaction between the two looks so sweet, you know. Through his Instagram Stories, last Sunday, November 21, it seems that this new family is spending the weekend together in Bandung. … Read more

Umi Rania Sindir Alvin Faiz and Wife Through Child Custody? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The second wife of the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham, Umi Rania Bawazier, was also highlighted regarding the feud between Larissa Chou and Henny Rahman. Even recently, he was seen uploading an article about the right of children to get love from both parents. The upload was heavily highlighted by netizens for allegedly offending … Read more

Olivia Nathania’s child is looking for her mother, Nia Daniaty: I’m confused about what to answer : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Olivia Nathania not only miss the mother figure, Nia Daniaty but also the child when he was taught. Through her attorney, Susanti Agustina explained that Olivia’s child is now starting to look for and inquire about her mother’s whereabouts. “Oi always told me that the one who was the most burdened was his son, … Read more