NUR Ep 6: A Child’s Sacrifice For His Father’s Good Name : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Since its release in 2018, Nur has become one of the most popular series in Malaysia and Indonesia. The series, played by Syafiq Kyle and Amyra Rosli, tells the story of a cleric’s love story with a prostitute. Thanks to his success, Nur has made it to his second season. In the previous … Read more

Feeling cheated, Agustin used to often comb Nia Daniaty’s child’s hair at school : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Guru Olivia NathaniDuring high school, Agustin claimed to be his student’s victim. He also felt sad and did not think that Olivia could commit a criminal act, namely defrauding CPNS special lines by paying Rp. 10 million. To Hotman Paris Agustin said, he has a number of evidence leading, that Nia Daniaty’s child it … Read more

Alvin Faiz is called to have the heart to take a child’s car from Larissa Chou, the younger brother says this: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- The breakdown of the household in between Alvin Faiz and his ex-wife, Larissa Chou is still a concern. Even later, the son of the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham was said to have the heart to take a car for his son, Yusuf. It also makes Larissa Chou bought a new car to be used … Read more

Child’s DNA Identical to Bambang Pamungkas, Amalia Fujiawati: She Must Be Responsible : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The results of Amalia Fujiawati’s child’s DNA test are out. As a result, the daughter, Anjani, proved to be the biological child of football legend Bambang Pamungkas. This is evidenced by the level of DNA identification between Anjani and Jane Abel, the first daughter of Bambang Pamungkas, which is 92.3 percent. Shows that … Read more

Sari Nila Posts Child’s Photo, Netizen: Alfahri Junior’s Handsome : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– soap operas Love Bond It is undeniable that it stole the public’s attention. Even the personal lives of the players are in the spotlight of netizens. Recently, son Sari Nila, Gavyn Mahesa also managed to attract attention. This was after the Mama Rosa actor shared his portrait while wearing a school uniform on his … Read more

Richard Branson and Sirisha Bandla Answer Child’s Question About Space Travel: ‘Magnificent’

Richard Branson and Sirisha Bandla are expressing what it was like to be in outer space. In an exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition, anchor Lester Holt introduces a question from a child in New Jersey, who asks Virgin Galactic billionaire Branson, 70, and Bandla about their recent launch into … Read more