The most anticipated of 2022 in video games – Hobby Consolas choose your favorites

The top games of 2022 may vary for each one, but there are several that match on many lists. We review the most anticipated releases of the year. Although we are now involved in the merriment of the first days of Christmas, we must not forget that 2022 is coming and with it, a lot … Read more

Drama Snowdrop Petitioned, Investors Choose to Leave : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – P&J Group, one of the main investors Snowdrop decided to resign, after the drama was heavily criticized by the Korean public. The trigger, the drama was accused of deviating from existing historical facts. The company announced that it would withdraw from sponsorship on December 20, 2021. “We invested in this project without knowing … Read more

These graduates who choose to work less in order to “live better”

EMMANUEL KERNER Emilien Long, Nobel laureate in economics, presents himself as the “Candidate of laziness” in the presidential election. His program: leaving a “Morbid productivism” by reducing working time to three hours a day. “I am the voice of those who want life to be more than work, growth, consumption”, argues this Marseillais, who wears … Read more

UFC-What to choose, the old lady and the GAFA

Par Sevin Rey-Sahin Posted today at 02:25 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationFounded in 1951, the first consumer association in France has forged, through epic procedures, a reputation as a counter-power. After the telephone operators, it is now scrapping against the giants of the Web. Despite the topicality of her fights, the dean struggles to dust … Read more

Choose your bank according to your convictions, the idea is gaining ground

“It remains very complicated to navigate, especially in the face of the speeches of establishments very quick to qualify their offers as sustainable or green,” said Lucie Pinson, Goldman prize for the environment 2020. SMETEK / PHOTONONSTOP What does your bank do with the money in your current account and your savings accounts? If few … Read more

CDU boss Armin Laschet speaks the election result nicely: “Leave cups in the cupboard”

Not an easy course for Armin Laschet: The CDU leader gives his farewell speech as head of the state at the state party conference of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia. Despite the election debacle, Laschet does not see his party in crisis. The CDU federal chairman Armin Laschet has warned his party not to talk … Read more

Now Choose the Legal Path, Ustadz Solmed Had Not Wanted to Police Ustadz Suwarna : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ustadz Solmed did not want to police Ustadz Suwarna even though he now chose to take legal action. Because he was waiting for an apology and clarification but was not heeded. “I’ve also conveyed it from Friday, if you want to apologize, I don’t report it. I have conveyed it, within 4 days … Read more