“Saskia, Annalena’s turn”: Ampel presents coalition agreement in Berlin

VRepresentatives of the SPD, Greens and FDP presented their coalition agreement on Wednesday afternoon in Berlin. The most important message, said SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz at the beginning of the press conference: “The traffic light is on.” It is “not about a policy of the lowest common denominator”. As soon as they arrived, the … Read more

EU debt policy: Italy’s fear of Christian Lindner

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Bundestagswahl: Der „Vierkampf“ war das bessere „Triell“

Bundestagswahl Bundestagswahl Polemisch, laut – aber endlich Inhalte. Der „Vierkampf“ war das bessere „Triell“ Stand: 13.09.2021 | Lesedauer: 4 Minuten Janine Wissler (l-r), Linke-Parteivorsitzende, Alice Weidel, AfD-Fraktionsvorsitzende, Christian Lindner, FDP-Parteivorsitzender, und Alexander Dobrindt, CSU-Landesgruppenchef, ste…hen kurz vor der Live-Sendung “Der Vierkampf nach dem TV-Triell” Quelle: dpa/Annette Riedl In der ARD stritten am Dienstagabend die Spitzenkandidaten … Read more

Bundestag election: The “Vierkampf” was the better “Triell”

Bundestag election Bundestag election Polemical, loud – but finally content. The “Vierkampf” was the better “Triell” Stand: 13.09.2021 | Reading time: 4 minutes Janine Wissler (lr), left party leader, Alice Weidel, AfD parliamentary group leader, Christian Lindner, FDP party leader, and Alexander Dobrindt, CSU regional group leader, ste…hen shortly before the live broadcast “The Four … Read more

Berlin’s FDP boss on Greens: “Perverted understanding of the rule of law”

WORLD: As things stand, the FDP will be needed to form a government after the federal election. Which parties do you see the greatest overlap with, Mr. Meyer? Christoph Meyer: In terms of content, there is of course the greatest overlap with the Union. This constellation alone will not have a majority as of now, … Read more