Matt Damon, Emily Blunt And Robert Downey Jr. In The Cast Of Christopher Nolan’s Next Film?

We no longer present it, Christopher Nolan, 51, is considered one of the greatest directors of the decade, notably for his Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight“but also for these films on temporality like Memento Where Interstellar. Each of his projects is commented on, scrutinized and dissected in the smallest details, with a good number of … Read more

In vain glory, Christopher is simply entertaining the theater as a bitch

Many domestic bands have now set out on their concert tours, which have been postponed several times, and Kryštof is no exception. They are used to planning for several years in advance, but covid did not ask. The band is now on a theatrical tour, which was to take place a year and a half … Read more

Batman Dark Knight Rises: Guillaume Canet Defends Marion Cotillard And Accuses Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy is widely regarded as THE benchmark for DC’s Dark Knight feature films. A Batman carried by a convincing Christian Bale, although other characters have failed to convince. One scene in particular caused a lot of talk in the cottages, that of the death of the character of Marion Cotillard. A performance … Read more

Star Wars: Christopher Walken Looks Back On His Failed Audition

When our name is Christopher Walken and we audition at the end of the 70s to play in the “Star Wars” saga, we tell ourselves that things will unfold easily. Yet, a huge actor that he is, he failed miserably, letting another legendary comedian play the role he wanted. Christopher Walken: revolver eyes Before embarking … Read more

in Guatemala, demonstrators try to overthrow a statue of Christopher Columbus

Protesters attempt to topple a statue of Christopher Columbus in Guatemala City on Tuesday, October 12. STRINGER / REUTERS The arrival of the expeditions led by Christopher Columbus on behalf of the Spanish Catholic Kings on San Salvador Island, in the Bahamas archipelago, on October 12, 1492, is anything but a day of celebration. For … Read more

Cillian Murphy Stars In Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer’s New Film

Of course, Murphy and Nolan aren’t exactly strangers. In fact, they’ve worked together in the past, and now they’re ready to give it another whirlwind. The film in question is a historical epic about the physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, also known as the “father of the atomic bomb”. Based on the book American Prometheus: The … Read more

Apple TV +: Emmy Awards, Tom Hanks, Christopher Nolan And More

Even more awards for Ted Lasso and Apple TV + Ted Lasso was awarded 4 new awards at the Emmy Awards: Outstanding Comedy: Best Comedy Series Oustanding Actor in a Comedy Series: Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Outstanding Supporting … Read more

The Masterpieces Christopher Nolan Left Undone: All The Movies He Started But Fell By The Wayside

Christopher Nolan has grabbed a multitude of headlines because it has already decided that his next movie will revolve around the role it had J. Robert Oppenheimer developing the atomic bomb. It will be your first job away from warner in more than two decades, as Universal accepted your tough demands. At Espinof we wanted … Read more

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico will be replaced by that of an indigenous woman

In this archive photo of September 28, 2020, a vandalized statue of Christophe Colom, on the Paseo de la Reforma (“promenade of the Reformation”) in Mexico City. MARCO UGARTE / AP A few days before the 200e anniversary of the country’s independence from Spanish rule, the Mexican authorities confirmed, Monday, September 6, that a statue … Read more

Michael Caine Revealed How Christopher Nolan Asked Him To Play Alfred

Michael Caine revealed how Christopher Nolan asked him to play Alfred The Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan It is considered by many as one of the great achievements of superhero cinema. Definitely Batman: The Dark Knight (94%) will continue to be considered for a long time as one of the best exponents of the genre. … Read more