Olivia Nathania’s Attorney Explains Agustin’s Role in the Bodong Civil Service Candidate Case: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The case of alleged fraud and embezzlement that dragged Olivia Nathania’s name was finally brought to trial. The woman who is familiarly called Oi has undergone a trial for the indictment read by the Public Prosecutor (JPU), Wednesday (26/1/2022) afternoon. The trial for the indictment of Nia Daniaty’s biological daughter was held online … Read more

Gaga Muhammad Plans to File an Appeal, Laura Anna’s Family Files a Civil Lawsuit? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- The East Jakarta District Court has sentenced him to prison for 4 years and 6 months, and a fine of Rp. 10 million for Gaung Sabda Alam Muhammad alias Gaga Muhammad |. The verdict is known to be in accordance with the demands of the public prosecutor considering Gaga’s negligence in driving a car … Read more

New legal setback for Prince Andrew, under threat of civil lawsuit

Prince Andrew during a Sunday mass, at Royal Lodge (United Kingdom), in April 2021. STEVE PARSONS / AP Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II, faces the prospect of a civil lawsuit in the United States. New York judge Lewis Kaplan ruled on Wednesday January 12 in favor of the arguments of the plaintiff, … Read more

Boris Johnson and the “Partygate”: Sue Gray, the civil servant who has her destiny in her hands

Gov.ukSue Gray, 64, is responsible for investigating government parties while the country was in lockdown. UK – You’ve probably never heard of her name and yet she has the fate of the UK, or at least Boris Johnson, in her hands. Sue Gray is in charge of the investigation into the parties organized by the … Read more

The reform of the senior civil service, a concentrate of the five-year Macron

Photos of the old promotions in the entrance hall of the ENA, in Strasbourg, January 14, 2013. PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP With each national drama, its start. The disaster of 1870 led to the creation of the Free School of Political Sciences. That of 1940, the birth of the National School of Administration (ENA). Emmanuel … Read more

Force Ouvrière slams the door to discussions on civil servants’ remuneration

The secretary general of the FO union, Yves Veyrier, on the left, during meetings between the government and the unions at the Hôtel de Matignon, on September 1, 2001. THOMAS COEX / AFP The presidential campaign is part of the discussions opened by the government with the unions on the remuneration of civil servants. Tuesday, … Read more

military coup, arrest of ministers and calls for civil disobedience

After weeks of tensions between the military and civilians who share power in Sudan since the dismissal of the autocrat Omar Al-Bashir in 2019, General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Al-Bourhane, who was the head of the sovereignty council, the Sudanese transitional authority announced Monday (October 25th) that the army had arrested almost all of the civilian … Read more

By classifying six NGOs as “terrorist organizations”, Israel strikes at the heart Palestinian civil society

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz in Tel Aviv on November 20, 2019. JACK GUEZ / AFP Israel dealt an unprecedented blow to Palestinian civil society and its international donors on Friday, October 22, by classifying six established human rights organizations among the “Terrorist organizations”. This order was signed by the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, … Read more

In Turkey, Islamic foundations close to power extend their grip on senior civil servants

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is at the heart of a scandal accusing him of favoring Islamic foundations that support him. FRANCISCO SECO / AP LETTER FROM ISTANBUL An Islamic foundation linked to the family of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned by the revelations of a whistleblower, this is a media hype which the Islamo-conservatives, … Read more

on the right, the candidates oppose the cuts of civil servants’ posts

Valérie Pécresse, president of the Ile-de-France region and candidate for the investure of the Republicans in front of the press, October 19, 2021, in Paris. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP The civil service workforce file is indeed back on the table for the 2022 presidential campaign, at least at Les Républicains (LR). Valérie Pécresse, candidate for … Read more