Rúben Semedo was cleared, returned home to try to relaunch his career and is training with the Estrela da Amadora squad – Observador

Thank you for being our subscriber. You can read this and all Observer articles on any device. Back to the origins to relaunch his career. Rúben Semedo, 27-year-old international center who has not competed since he was arrested and accused of rape in Greece, he has been training in Reboleira with Estrela da Amadora, where … Read more

Rocket Report: Virgin Galactic cleared for flight, Blue Origin “bet and lost”

Enlarge / Under the stars with the Ariane 6 launch base at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Welcome to Edition 4.18 of the Rocket Report! As usual, it has been a busy week in the world of lift, and as it draws to a close so does the month of September. With three months left … Read more

Virgin Galactic cleared to fly again • The Register

Virgin Galactic has received clearance by US flight regulators to resume spaceflights. Owner Richard Branson’s high altitude jaunt on the Unity 22 flight in July attracted the ire of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) after the rocketplane, SpaceShipTwo, ventured outside of its allocated airspace. SpaceShipTwo, dubbed Unity, landed safely with a jubilant Branson on board … Read more

Virgin Galactic cleared for flight when FAA finished the probe

The highest US aviation safety regulator said it allowed Virgin Galactic Holdings to fly again in space, but the company was unable to communicate the mistakes it made during this summer’s high-profile mission. The Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday that it had completed a July flight investigation to bring Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and … Read more

SpaceX cleared for historic civilian launch next week

SpaceX is set to launch its first-ever all-civilian crew to space next week on a three-day journey around the Earth that will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Four private citizens will be tucked inside the Crew Dragon spacecraft when it’s launched into space by Falcon 9 on Sept. 15 as part of the mission … Read more

the police officer who killed a demonstrator cleared by an internal investigation

On January 6, hundreds of pro-Trump protesters forced entry into Congress as parliamentarians gathered to certify Joe Biden’s victory. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP The US police officer who shot dead a protester on January 6, when a group of Donald Trump supporters stormed Congress headquarters in Washington, acted in accordance with his job rules according … Read more

Blockage cleared: the bottom outlet of the Steinbach dam is free again

Friday, July 16, 2021 Fixed constipation Bottom outlet of the Steinbachtalsperre free again The violent storms are a stress test for some dams in the affected regions. The situation is particularly critical in Euskirchen. The Rurtalsperre also overflows. But in both places the situation is slowly easing again. According to the Euskirchen district in North … Read more

Plywood Satellite Cleared for Space Launch

A tiny Finnish cubesat could make history later this year as the world’s first plywood satellite—and it will even have a selfie stick to record the moment. The WISA Woodsat is being developed by Finland-based Arctic Astronautics, Ltd.; the European Space Agency, or ESA; and Finland-based forester UPM, maker of WISA plywood. On July 9, … Read more