Barbora Mochowa stamped a stamp of hope in the clip “Wait for Life”

We will have to wait a while for the follower of the album “Waiting for the White Raven”. However, Barbora Mochowa is already attracting to the upcoming novelty “Will o ‘the Wisp” with the single “Wait for Life”. She collaborated on it again with Viliam Béreš. The accompanying video was then shot by actor and … Read more

Singing chef Přemek Forejt can pleasantly surprise not only in the kitchen. He proves it with the clip “Please”

Ivo Jahelka = singing lawyer. Přemek Forejt = singing chef. I remember how attractions in the form of a singing Vietnamese stallholder traveled around the Hrady CZ festival for several years, even though he was more of a rarity and a bizarre to attract boarders. Fortunately, Forejt doesn’t need anything like that. The successful chef, … Read more

Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj confirm their qualities in the fairy tale clip “By Now”

The singing duo Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj do great not only in their personal lives, but also in terms of work. After the joint hits “No Fire” or “Lost And Found”, they released another ambitious hit, “By Now”. Jordy composed the music and lyrics during one night in September in their kitchen, but the … Read more

Taylor Swift: first clip of her songs re-recorded with #LoveStory

| Photo credit: Getty Images Taylor Swift shared a clip from one of her most anticipated re-recorded tracks: Love Story. It can be heard in a commercial for Match written by actor Ryan Reynolds. This is the first time that one of the new versions of his songs has been released, as the artist wants … Read more

Čechomor brings fans “Several more joys of life”. One of them is a successful clip “Trakač”

Čechomor has traditionally presented its new album in many versions – expanded. concert or alternative. This was the case with the previous title with Kumpán’s musicians “Inhaling” and it is also the case with the current album “Radosti života”. It is now coming to the market with the bonus disc “A few more joys of … Read more

In Focus: Taylor Swift, Elton John … Ed Sheeran unveils Overpass Graffiti, the Easter Eggs that you shouldn’t miss in the clip

FINALLY ! After months (not to say years) of waiting, Ed Sheeran has just unveiled his new album. Entitled Equals, the latter testifies to the artist’s unwavering desire to get into electro – without losing the soul of an author that we love so much (as proven by songs such as Visiting Hours, Sandman or … Read more

‘Space Titans’ goes inside a billionaires’ space race on Discovery+ (exclusive clip)

In “Space Titans,” a new documentary launching today (Nov. 4), SpaceX founder Elon Musk shares the secret of his company’s Falcon 9 rocket success. The billionaire Musk, standing nearby one of his rockets, says — perhaps unsurprisingly — that his Falcon 9’s reusability is the key to its success. “The closer we get to full and rapid … Read more

preview of the video clip of the single “The balance of things”

Video preview Max Elli The balance of things. Friday 1st October was published for Greylight Records the new single from Max Elli. Guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter for many of the biggest names in the Italian music scene including: Nek, Cesare Cremonini, Jovanotti, Gue Pequeno, Chiara Galiazzo, Mahmood, Tommaso Paradiso, Jack Jaselli, among others, Max … Read more

The Controversy That Led To The Withdrawal From YouTube Of The Video Clip Of The Song “Perra” By JBalvin – BBC News Mundo

October 18, 2021 Image source, Getty Images Caption, The video clip for “Bitch” has unleashed a storm. “I’m in heat, ‘I’m in heat, I open myself on all fours’, put a fan on me.” These are some of the phrases of the controversial song “Perra” by the Colombian reggaeton artist JBalvin and the Dominican rapper … Read more

Bastille set out for the future with a clip for “No Bad Days”

More than two years have passed since the release of the last record of the Bastille Quartet “Doom Days”. This time, the group around Dan Smith used several singles and episodes to release. And in late February we will see a long-running news. The fourth series, entitled “Give Me The Future”, is now featured in … Read more