SpaceX rocket on a collision course with the moon – impact is imminent

fromTanja Banner shut down A discarded SpaceX rocket stage is on a collision course with the moon. when the impact is imminent. Frankfurt – If a rocket is launched into space, it is usually no longer interesting after just a few minutes – after all, it is only the transporter and has fulfilled its purpose: … Read more

Scientist suggests Omicron variant resulted from a collision between COVID-19 and HIV

As is normal, over time, viruses undergo changes, becoming more complicated. After the problematic Delta, the world is getting to know the Ómicron variant. According to a scientist, this could have arisen from the collision between HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and COVID-19. The theory comes from the scientist who alerted the world to the existence … Read more

An orbital collision caused the Chinese satellite to fail in March

In March 2021, fragmentation of one of the Chinese Earth observation satellites, presented as a component of the meteorological measurement system – Yunhai 1-02, was observed. The incident took place at an altitude of approx. 780 km above the Earth. The partial disintegration of the satellite was confirmed by the American orbital surveillance squadron of … Read more

Space Collision – Chinese Satellite Hit by Russian Rocket Piece

In March 2021, the US Space Force’s 18th Space Control Squadron (18SPCS) reported the breakup of the Yunhai 1-02 , a Chinese military satellite launched in September 2019. It was unclear at the time whether the spacecraft had suffered some kind of failure – an explosion in its propulsion system, perhaps – or if it … Read more

Asteroid Collision Mars may have given Phobos a microscopic life billions of years ago

Phobos, Mars’ largest moon, could be the key to answering one of the biggest questions in science. Was there life on the red planet? Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have sent the life of an ancient microbe that struck Mars billions of years ago to the moon, which is now “dead” in … Read more

The following asteroid collision is only a test

It’s never too early to plan ahead. “There’s no question that asteroids strike the earth and can create great damage,” says Jay Apt, an astronaut who has flown four space shuttle missions, two as shift commander, and who teaches engineering at Carnegie Mellon. “These strikes don’t necessarily plunge the Earth into winter for many years, … Read more

Progress MS-17 mission. Collision warning during Russian delivery to the ISS

The launch took place from the Bajkonur cosmodrome, from the stand number 31/6, at 4:27 am local time – June 30 this year. (at 1:27 CEST). The carrier rocket was the Soyuz 2.1a, and the vehicle was the Progress MS-17 unmanned aerial vehicle, with the task of delivering supplies and additional equipment to the International … Read more

pollution de la rivière suite à une collision entre un poids lourd et un train transportant de l’acide phosphorique

Les pompiers inspectent le site de l’accident, après la collision entre un train de marchandises transportant de l’acide phosphorique et un convoi exceptionnel transportant un bateau, le 16 juin 2021 à l’entrée du village de Rumigny (Ardennes). KAREN KUBENA / L’UNION REIMS / MAXPPP Une collision entre un train de marchandises transportant des produits chimiques … Read more