Garavaglia still promises cig and compensation but it seems a jammed record

Here we go again. We could perhaps think of a column. Because we are still here talking about the minister Massimo Garavaglia and his promises (almost never kept). Sometimes it almost feels like you’re listening to a broken record. One of those old vinyls, now back in fashion, which enchanted themselves on the same track … Read more

Reasons for Laura Anna’s Family Demanding Rp12.5 Billion in Compensation from Gaga Muhammad : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Family Laura Anna open a voice regarding the subpoena and the claim for compensation of Rp. 12.5 billion that had been filed against Gaga Muhammad. Amelia Edelenyi, the mother of the deceased, said that the family had carefully considered the amount. The family asked for compensation because they considered that it was unlikely … Read more

In the United States, 600 million dollars in compensation for the victims of one of the worst health scandals in the country

A water tower in Flint, Michigan, in February 2016. REBECA COOK / REUTERS A US court on Wednesday, November 10 gave final approval to pay more than $ 600 million to victims poisoned by lead contamination of the drinking water network in the city of Flint, one of the worst health scandals in the USA. … Read more

Boeing could receive $ 237.5 million in compensation from directors

Boeing 737 MAXs parked at Boeing facilities at Grant County International Airport, Moses Lake, Washington, in November 2020. LINDSEY WASSON / REUTERS Boeing shareholders reached an out-of-court settlement with directors of the aircraft manufacturer, accused of negligence after the two 737 MAX accidents, providing for the payment of compensation to the company of $ 237.5 … Read more

until when can one claim compensation?

The time limit for claiming compensation is six years in the United Kingdom and Ireland, five in Spain and France, three in Germany, two in Italy, one in Belgium. F. CIROU & S. LEONG HO/PHOTOALTO / PHOTONONSTOP Lair passengers whose flights have been disrupted during the holidays, are they ready to assert their rights, before … Read more

From November: No more quarantine compensation for unvaccinated people |

Anyone who has not been vaccinated against Corona and has to be quarantined will no longer receive compensation for loss of earnings from November. Prime Minister Bouffier made this clear after the federal-state decision. Criticism comes from the DGB. Video contribution Video 01:56 Min. to the video Status of vaccinations in Hessen[Videoseite] Video End of … Read more

the insurer must prove that the insured has defrauded in order to refuse compensation

The insurer cannot be satisfied with asserting that its insured has made a fraudulent declaration, in order to refuse to guarantee him a burglary. MATTHEW DENT/IKON IMAGES / PHOTONONSTOP Lhe insurer cannot be satisfied with asserting that his insured has made a fraudulent declaration, in order to refuse to guarantee him a burglary. He still … Read more

Teen Who Was FBI Informant Sues $ 100 Million In Compensation | Univision News United States

“I have lost my life,” said a sturdy, distressed-looking man of 52 years by name. Richard Wershe in front of a group of reporters last Tuesday after presenting a lawsuit demanding $ 100 million against the city of Detroit, two former FBI agents, two police officers and two former federal prosecutors. Wershe, known as ‘White … Read more

Firefighter family run over while assisting on A5 may not receive compensation

The 31-year-old firefighter was in the car with her two children © Igor Martins/Global Images ForTSF 06 July, 2021 • 07:58 The family of Catarina Pedro, the firefighter from Carnaxide who was hit by a car on the A5 this weekend while assisting two victims of an accident, may not receive compensation from the firefighter’s … Read more