Spain completely gaga for Carlos Alcaraz: “Here, it’s already a star of Nadal’s size”

He may now be his rival on the circuit, and his potential opponent in the semi-finals, Rafael Nadal could not help but put on his protective big brother cape. Tired of all these comparisons that flourish with Carlos Alcaraz, he insisted on repeating a course of action that he has set himself for months now: … Read more

Alleged family killer had “completely weird ideas”

RTL>news> December 11, 2021 – 9:23 am Clock Falsified wife’s vaccination certificate Little by little, new details become known about the man who murdered his family in Königs Wusterhausen in the Senzig district. His wife’s employer wanted to investigate an allegedly forged vaccination certificate for the 40-year-old. Questions arose from the submitted document, to which … Read more

Here is the new South Korean mystery series from Netflix that will make you forget about The Squid Game completely

Over the months, there are more and more words to talk about The squid game, a series that became the most successful debut in the history of the streaming service Netflix. Its audience record of 142 million views in its first 30 days seems unattainable, but a trend this year is that this brand has … Read more

“It was completely impossible for Nicolas Sarkozy to influence my vote”, assures Michel Platini

Michel Platini, May 28, 2015. FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP It is an understatement to say that Michel Platini did not appreciate the interview that Sepp Blatter gave to the World, in which the former president of the International Football Federation (FIFA) ensures that “Without Sarkozy’s intervention at the last moment on Platini, Qatar would never … Read more

CDU: Laschet completely “stunned” about traffic light plans – two crucial points for him are neglected

Updated: 22.10.202110:46 fromMarcus Gable conclude Armin Laschet moved out to become Federal Chancellor. The only thing left for him to do at the moment is to criticize the possible traffic light pioneers. The CDU boss does this in an interview in the best opposition manner. Munich – Armin Laschet is disappointed. Yes, certainly also from … Read more

2G or 3G: “Compulsory vaccination through the back door completely unacceptable”

Zeek eluel VBUI-VOtleae pel peu Pnupepleaptlehlluueu vllp elected pnupepvelle Uelottleklnua epelvleaeup epaetekul. “Vll puttleu elue aevlppe Btevlpltllol evlpekeu 06 upel 26 pelpeketleu”, peal pel PBV-6epnupkellpoutlllhel Zlekeet Feuullek. Bl hllllplell ple Pppekettnua hupleutupel Puluue-Pekuettleplp. Blepe kolle ep “Olupepleup plp enO Beplnel uoekpleu Ieklep” aepeu Oeppeu. „Bp vole vleklla, pepp ple Pnupeplealelnua puteke hupleutupeu Ieplp vlepel elOoatlekl. … Read more

Tom Cruise appears unrecognizable with his face completely swollen – Celebs.Cool

Tom Cruise He has been known for being, for at least three decades, one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood, even in 1990 “People” magazine named him “the sexiest man alive in the world.” The above without counting his success as a film actor that has led him to be one of the best … Read more

“Accountability will change completely”

“O Financial reporting, nowadays, is a report that is based on very conservative issues, in which companies do not differ”, they only reveal positive or negative ratios that indicate the fulfillment of commitments and obligations, said the president of the OCC, Paula Franco , in an interview with Lusa. Financial reporting is “very little” for … Read more

Star says it’s completely unlike any other character movie – Celebs.Cool

Christopher Nolan gave us a series of Batman movies much more realistic than any of them we had seen before. Needless to say, it was also the culprit that people expected DC movies to have a dark and serious tone. As the MCU gained traction, this is what has helped Warner’s superhero movies stand out … Read more

“completely abused” “the next one is what?”, Hanouna invites a Marseille dealer on his set, the twittos shocked

This Wednesday, September 1, Cyril Hanouna decided to invite a drug trafficker from Marseille to the plateau of Do not touch My TV. One way of reacting to the visit of the President of the Republic to the northern districts of the Phocaean City, plagued by trafficking. But this choice of guest did not convince … Read more