Concern with (parental) care

Being a parent is not always easy – that is true when mother and father live together and take care of their children. If the parents are separated or if there is a dispute between them (or with the youth welfare office), things get complicated. However, if everyone: r knows parental rights (and their limits), … Read more

“The ungrateful age does not only concern dictators, but also … Facebook”

A hearing will take place Thursday, September 30, at the United States Congress entitled “Protecting Children Online: Facebook, Instagram and the Dangers to Mental Health”. DADO RUVIC / REUTERS MBut who blames teenagers? Suddenly the adult world is worried about their mental health. On Tuesday, September 28, Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, … Read more

Angela Merkel’s departure, a source of concern for Europeans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on September 7, 2021. MARKUS SCHREIBER / AP Its European record and heritage will long be the subject of discussions, but the succession of Angela Merkel, who led Germany for sixteen years, is attracting all the attention in Brussels and in European capitals. Everyone knows that the German legislative … Read more

New North Korean missile hits cause concern

Video released by North Korea showing the launch of a long-range cruise missile on a screen at Seoul station (South Korea) on September 13, 2021. LEE JIN-MAN / AP North Korea has tested long-range cruise missiles, signaling further strengthening of its offensive capabilities and marking a milestone in the arms race on the Korean Peninsula. … Read more

the Taliban victory, success for Qatar and concern for Riyadh and Abu Dhabi

Qatari Foreign Minister Mohamed Al-Thani and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, representative of the Taliban, on August 14 in Doha. MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF QATAR / AFP The fall of Kabul to the Taliban has put Qatari diplomacy back in the spotlight. It was from Doha, aboard a Qatari military plane, that the head of … Read more

Venom 2 Delays Its Premiere Amid Continued Concern About Covid-19 | Spaghetti Code

While in the collective imagination the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be reaching its final stage, Sony Pictures has just given us a reality check. Venom 2 it was delayed once again due to incipient concern in the world over the Delta variant. It was expected that after multiple delays Venom: Let There Be Carnage It … Read more

As SpaceX races to expand launch site, concern grows for wildlife habitats in South Texas

NASA never formed a plan to take humans to Mars. But Musk has since adjusted his hopes and dreams and SpaceX, the company he founded almost 20 years ago, has rocketed to the center of the modern-day space race with a long-term plan to colonize Mars by 2050. “What they’ve done in the speed at … Read more