LunaNet: NASA is Trying to Establish Internet Connection on the Moon

LunaNet, NASA’s ‘internet’ connection for the Moon and the Artemis missions, was created. The Artemis program of NASA intends to create a permanent human presence on the Moon. The worldwide moon program is the US’s tip-of-the-sword in the new space race, but Artemis II has been suspended owing to a court battle over a NASA-awarded … Read more

Gene Hackman Recalls ‘the French Connection’ 50 Years Later: ‘Moment In Eventful Career Of Hits, Miss’ E! News UK

It’s the heart that stops moment a smashed Pontiac LeMans tumbles under New York’s elevated subway at 90 miles an hour, dodging traffic and pedestrians in a mad dash to follow a hijacked N train thundering above. This five-minute sequence – a crash course in 1970s guerrilla cinema – is now considered by many to … Read more

No more Internet connection on September 30 for smartphones? Why is this so exaggerated

PHILIPP DIMITRI / WESTEND61 / PHOTONONSTOP / PHILIPP DIMITRI / WESTEND61 / PHOTONONSTOP On Thursday, September 30, will Android smartphones that are four or five years old lose their Internet connection? In any case, this is the disturbing information which, part of a post on the blog of a British security researcher, Scott Helme, has … Read more

“Everywhere, companies are doing memory work in connection with a violent past”

“Le Monde du 11-Septembre”, fresco painted by Enki Bilal for the Caen Memorial as part of the “11 September. 20 years ago, the end of a world ”, extended until April 2022. ENKI BILAL FOR THE MEMORIAL OF CAEN Clifford Chanin is the Executive Vice President of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. He also directs … Read more

Lisbon. Two people arrested on suspicion of connection to Daesh

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the Judiciary Police informs that the two foreign nationals are indicted “for committing the crimes of joining and supporting an international terrorist organization, international terrorism, and against humanity.” “The Judiciary Police assisted the Public Prosecutor’s Office (DCIAP) in this investigation, which had the collaboration of the Foreigners and … Read more

Qatar in connection with the Taliban to reopen Kabul airport, Afghan women demonstrate for their rights

Taliban patrol a street in Kabul. AAMIR QURESHI / AFP Kabul airport is of crucial importance for transporting the medical and humanitarian support that the country needs more than ever, a few days after the departure of the last American troops and the end of a war that will have lasted twenty years. Qatar said … Read more

NASA studies Methane’s connection to the Food You Eat

« Older: Marsha Blackburn Introduces Amendments To Push Back Against China’s Dominance August 15, 2021 | Washington, D.C. – Today, human sources are responsible for 60% of global methane emissions, coming primarily from the burning of fossil fuels, decomposition in landfills, and the agriculture sector. Nearly a quarter of methane emissions can be attributed to … Read more

Hunter Echo Charged With Grooming In Connection With Millie Bobby Brown

20-year-old TikTok star Hunter Echo is charged with grooming by various users on social networks after this make lewd comments about Millie Bobby Brown, whom he allegedly began dating when she was 16 years old. The grooming It occurs when an adult comes into contact with a minor in order to gradually gain his trust … Read more

Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson Tells Of The Incredible Argentine Connection

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson He has, yes, that seductive voice, like hoarse (unfortunately I don’t know if he snores, but his voice is hoarse) and green eyes. All of this can be seen and felt through the Zoom screen, the new medium for Hollywood stars and journalists to communicate. And if we talk to Johansson, it’s … Read more