On a sunny Saturday, Chega tried to conquer Braga with a lot of noise: he heard insults and Fátima’s arguments

The stock of gifts in the Chega machine is endless: there are pens, umbrellas, pamphlets, fluorescent vests. And many masks: when André Ventura offers a copy to a woman, the reaction is quick: “A mask? But I am against masks!” Ventura does not disarm. “Look, do what you want with her!”, he shoots, already walking … Read more

Blackpink, BTS and Squid Game conquer the world «kleinezeitung.at

Singer Lisa of the K-pop group Blackpink was named the most beautiful face in the world: The entertainment industry from South Korea is currently celebrating one success after another. 3:03 p.m., December 29, 2021 × Article marked You can always find marked articles in your reading list recall. You can access your reading list directly … Read more

a b2b2c channel to conquer the online market

It’s called Twin and it stands for Trade and web integrated net. It is the brand new omnichannel strategy launched by the Alpitour group. “The war between the channels no longer makes sense, if it ever had any – explains the general manager tour operating, Pier Ezhaya -. Better then try to triangular between production, … Read more

The Black Midi cavalcade will conquer Smíchov in Prague for the second time

“Sound scientists keep wondering,” announces the title of the review of the new album Black Midi. The London experimenters will arrive in Prague for the second time on May 15, 2022. The concert, organized just like two years ago by Heartnoize Promotion, will take place in the nearby MeetFactory instead of Underdogs. Black Midi will … Read more

Agrivoltaism to conquer the peasant world

Antoine Rigalleau, land prospector in agrivoltaism, in Cluis (Indre), November 2, 2021. CLAUDE PAUQUET / VU ‘FOR “THE WORLD” Antoine Rigalleau’s Peugeot 307 displays 316,000 kilometers on the odometer. For nearly six years, this former professor of history and geography has been tirelessly traveling the borders of the Indre, Cher and Nièvre, to the gates … Read more

After a good start on NewConnect – Creotech plans to “conquer” the main floor of the WSE

On Thursday, October 21 this year. The management board of Creotech Instruments convened the General Meeting of Shareholders (on November 18 this year), during which the further fate of the company’s intention to apply for admission to listing on the main market of the WSE is to be determined. The participants of the General Meeting … Read more

In Brazil, the “envoys of God” to conquer the jungle

By Bruno Meyerfeld Posted today at 02:31 Reserved for our subscribers Reportage“In the Amazon rainforest” (2/2). Evangelical emissaries, from often richly endowed associations, land in remote indigenous villages to convert the “last pagans” with formidable and harmful methods. At nightfall, in the streets of Atalaia do Norte, stroll strange ghosts. They walk very fast and … Read more

Divide and Conquer – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

This image was taken by Left Navigation Camera onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3188. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Download image › Our weekend drive completed successfully, landing us north of a ~15 m tall butte that we had imaged the east side of over the weekend. The new parking position gave us a new angle … Read more

Halfway between sparkling water and beer, the hard seltzers conquer France

ISABELLA COTIER FOR M THE WORLD MAGAZINE Who in France knew about hard seltzer a year ago? Almost no one since it was not yet present on the market. One year later, at the end of the first half of 2021, the cans trendy alcoholic seltzer water have already taken 10% of the beer segment … Read more

Anti-Covid vaccine manufacturers to conquer southern countries

In Guatemala City, airport employees unload a batch of 1.5 million doses of Moderna vaccines donated by the United States on July 8, 2021. JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP Vaccinate the whole planet? This is a boon that the manufacturers of vaccines against Covid-19 do not intend to let slip. After having massively stocked the bags … Read more