Protection of the Constitution on “Compact”: “Secured extremist”

Exclusive Status: 10.12.2021, 4:23 p.m. The “Compact” magazine is the mouthpiece of the “New Right” and plays a central role in mobilizing those who oppose the vaccination. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution no longer rated it as a suspected case, but as definitely extremist. By Michael Götschenberg, ARD capital studio “Subscribe to … Read more

Original copy of US Constitution auctioned for record price

The original copy of the US Constitution auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York on November 18, 2021. YUKI IWAMURA / AFP An original copy of the US Constitution of 1787, one of the last in circulation, was auctioned Thursday evening, November 18, in New York for $ 43.2 million (about 38 million euros), commissions included. … Read more

SpaceX insider takes us to the heart of Mars’ radical constitution

Although SpaceX is still far from landing on Mars (let’s land on the Moon first), that sci-fi future might creep up sooner than you think. For that reason, SpaceX and the big brains behind it already have a Mars constitution in the works. Well, sort of. Martian John Adams.cokada/E+/Getty Images Mars is still a free … Read more

Judgment: Polish Constitutional Court declares EU laws incompatible with the Constitution

foreign countries verdict Polish Constitutional Court declares EU laws incompatible with the Constitution Status: 7:54 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes The judges said the country’s EU membership did not mean that the EU courts would be given supreme legal authority Quelle: pa / NurPhoto / Maciej Luczniewski The dispute between Warsaw and Brussels over … Read more

In Poland, the constitutional court finds part of the European treaties incompatible with the Constitution

The Polish Constitutional Court in Warsaw, in December 2017. CZAREK SOKOLOWSKI / AP The Polish constitutional court ruled on Thursday, October 7 that certain articles of European treaties are incompatible with its national constitution and undermine the country’s sovereignty. “European bodies are acting beyond their competence”, declared the president of the tribunal, Julia Przylebska. The … Read more

Pedro Castillo assumes the Presidency with the promise of interculturalizing Peru and reforming the Constitution | International | News

The president, oblivious to traditional politics, decided to postpone the announcement of the ministerial cabinet until tomorrow. Wearing his traditional wide-brimmed straw hat and a suit with indigenous motifs, Pedro Castillo assumed the Presidency of Peru on Wednesday, receiving the symbols of the power of the State from the hands of the president of Congress, … Read more

Compulsory vaccination for teachers and educators? “Would be compatible with the constitution”

IIn the fight for a higher corona vaccination rate, the demand for compulsory insurance for certain professional groups is getting louder. “We need a compulsory vaccination for the staff in daycare centers and schools,” said Wolfram Henn, member of the German Ethics Council, the “Rheinische Post”. “Anyone who joins a group of vulnerable people by … Read more

The executive renounces to include the “preservation of the environment” in the Constitution and to have it adopted by referendum

Jean Castex at the National Assembly, Tuesday. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP There will be no referendum to include the climate in the Constitution, in line with the proposals of the citizens’ convention: the executive buried, Tuesday, July 6, the revision project, for lack of agreement between the National Assembly and the Senate . On Monday, … Read more

The executive renounces revising the Constitution to include the “preservation of the environment”, and its adoption by referendum

Jean Castex at the National Assembly, Tuesday. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP The Senate wanted to be more ambitious concerning the project of constitutional revision on the climate, the executive will not follow. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Tuesday July 6 that the executive was putting “An end to the constitutional review process” on the … Read more