why Big Pharma wants to release consumer products

Inside a Unilever toothpaste factory in Lagos, Nigeria, in January 2018. AFOLABI SOTUNDE / REUTERS Boxing Day may have inaugurated, at the end of December, the start of the winter sales across the Channel, but out of the question for the British GlaxoSmithKline to sell off its consumer health branch. The pharmaceutical manufacturer confirmed this … Read more

“Unilever is willing to pay a heavy price to buy GSK’s consumer pharmaceuticals division”

At the Unilever factory in Rotterdam, in June 2015. JOHN THYS / AFP Pertes & profits. It happens that we find medicines in a domestic refrigerator, but this is not their primary destination. The mayonnaise jar is rarely found near the ibuprofen box. However, it is the dream of one of the world’s largest grocers, … Read more

French start-ups bring green to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Naïo Technologies’ autonomous electric robot, dedicated to agriculture, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Monday, January 3. ELLEN SCHMIDT / AP French start-ups devoted to agritech or greentech return with a harvest of trophies from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the world’s largest trade fair for technological innovation, which was … Read more

Global Consumer Drones Market Forecast Analysis and Trends to 2021

Global Drone Consumers Market: consumption potential by volume and production value Product type (Aircraft / Fixed Wing Drones, Helicopters, Multi-Rotors Drones, Quadcopters Drones) , per end-user application (Prosumer, Toy / Hobbyist, Photogrammetry) , by sector: opportunities and forecast (2021 – 2031) –By regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa) , by … Read more

Consumer association CLCV takes four electricity suppliers to court

The electricity bills of a consumer, in Bar-le-Duc, October 25, 2021. JEAN-CHRISTOPHE VERHAEGEN / AFP The more international energy prices rise, the more electricity suppliers take the hit … and the more consumers are now likely to suffer the backlash. Since the summer, the resumption of economic activity has led to a dizzying rebound on … Read more

‘Nice, isn’t it, a year-round meal?’ – Herenboer puts the consumer with both feet on the ground

In January last year, the second Herenboeren cooperative started at four metro stops outside Rotterdam. The 26 hectares of Herenboeren de Vlinderstrik are located in a ‘crazy spot’. It is surrounded by the HSL, RandstadRail, Rotterdam Airport and the new highway that will connect the A13 and A16. Yet you have the feeling that you … Read more

SpaceX says its UK competitor is trying to slow consumer access to Starlink’s high-speed internet

Sent: October 17, 2021 00:12 GMT Starlink is already offering limited service in the UK while OneWeb is testing its services ahead of a planned launch later this year. SpaceX blames its UK competitor OneWeb In an effort to slow the adoption of satellite Internet services, which were designed to fill the gaps in global … Read more

So the future traffic light coalition wants to secure the pension

The SPD, FDP and the Greens agree: They want coalition negotiations, a traffic light coalition should come. One topic plays an important role there: securing a pension. The parties’ promises for the pension were great: SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz, for example, issued a pension guarantee, the Greens wanted to turn the basic pension into … Read more

The dispute between Russia and the EU over gas

Winter is likely to be expensive for consumers. The reason is rising oil and gas prices. Russian President Vladimir Putin is making serious accusations against the EU and subliminally putting pressure on it because of Nord Stream 2. The exploding gas prices and the attacks from the EU against the gas superpower Russia have been … Read more

NGOs sow doubt about quality marks – In France, the discussion breaks out: do quality marks match consumer expectations?

Not all labels deliver what they promise, is the brief conclusion of research conducted by Greenpeace, WWF and UFC-Que Choisir to determine whether consumers can rely on labels in their purchasing decisions. As part of the study, 11 labels were divided into 3 groups: the labels related to organic farming (AB, Organic fair trade in … Read more