3 Styles of Contemporary Photos of Erika Carlina Sexy Celebrities Wear Mini Skirts Showing Exotic Skin : Okezone Celebrity

STYLE Modern photo by Erika Carlina no less attracted the attention of other public figures. Let’s take a peek at the following sexy celebgram photo. Erika Carlina’s name has become known since the case of Laura Anna and Gaga Muhammad emerged. On the day Laura Anna died, Erika joined in paying her last respects. This … Read more

3 Contemporary Photo Styles in the style of BCL the Hot Mom in Bikini to Jogging with Noah : Okezone Celebrity

BCL’s contemporary photo style (Bunga Citra Lestari) no less stole the attention of other celebrities. Let’s take a look at the portrait! Being a mother and having ideal body goals, BCL is also dubbed as a hot mom. Each portrait is always attractive with various poses and fashion styles. Here are three styles of contemporary … Read more

The evocative power of contemporary Japanese architecture

Muku Kindergarten, in Shizuoka (Japan), 2018, by Tezuka Architects. KIDA KATSUHISA / FOTOTECA We could have done less confusing as an introduction to an exhibition devoted to contemporary Japanese architecture than a presentation on the history of the Asile Flotant, the barge that Le Corbusier had rehabilitated in 1929 at the request of the Army. … Read more

Iñaki Alberdi Opens The 28th Kuraia Contemporary Music Meetings

On Monday at the Sarriko Conservatory the 28th Kuraia Contemporary Music Meetings started, which will last until March 2022 offering a dozen concerts in different stages: in San Sebastián (Musikene and San Telmo Museum), Tolosa, the Vitoria Conservatory, and Most of the events in Bilbao, at the Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga de Sarriko Conservatory, at the … Read more

In Paris, contemporary African art is making a place for itself in the “golden triangle”

To stay up to date with African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 am, find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of “Monde Afrique”. The exhibition “I have two loves …”, from September 18 to October 13 at the Mariane Ibrahim … Read more

The festival of contemporary art 4 + 4 days in motion 2021 begins

The 26th International Festival of Contemporary Art 4 + 4 Days in Motion starts on September 9 with a vernissage of contemporary art, performance, music and a program for children. The festival will run in the building of the New Strašnice School in Prague 10 and in Vršovice Vzlet until 26 September. This year’s festival … Read more

Contemporary Spanish Manners And Five Other Films Of The Week

This week opens Derailed, where the script by David Marqués shows contemporary Spanish manners; Annette, which is a tale of songs, laughter and torment by the French Leos Carax or D’Artacán and the three muskedogs, showing nostalgia for a happy time. Among the cinephile bets for these days is Free Guy, a comedy about the … Read more

Four French Contemporary Bands by Excellence : Pavê Music

The country that gave us Phoenix, Daft Punk, M83 and Yelle, among many other names we like, continues to produce and export good music. Proof of this are these five bands that contacted the Pave Music recently, all French. They show a contemporary and cosmopolitan France, which continues to participate in the global scene with … Read more

The Venice Biennale offers an eclectic panorama of contemporary dance

« New Work for Goldberg Variations », de Pam Tanowitz. ANDREA AVEZZÙ Two minutes from the start of New Work for Goldberg Variations, by American choreographer Pam Tanowitz, on Saturday July 24 at the Dance Biennale, the Teatro Malibran seems hopelessly empty in the face of the crowded alleys. Finding a hall with a hole – the … Read more