Again corona riots in the Netherlands: first Rotterdam, now The Hague

foreign countries Netherlands Second night in a row riots by opponents of the corona measures Stand: 02:04 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes A burning barricade in The Hague. Fireworks explode Source: Getty Images / Pierre Crom Hundreds of people rioted in The Hague on Saturday evening. They pelted the police with stones and other … Read more

Crown: – WELT

science Incidence at 169.9 RKI reports an increase in new corona infections Status: 05:37 am | Reading time: 2 minutes The total number of deaths rose to 96,346 Quelle: Getty Images/Morsa Images The RKI reports an incidence of 169.9 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. The previous day the incidence was 154.5. Private … Read more

Pandemic: Corona situation means nothing good for the run-up to Christmas

Live Lauterbach on pandemic Corona situation means “nothing good for the pre-Christmas period” Status: 7:10 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Tense corona situation – Unvaccinated people face severe restrictions The corona situation in Germany is tense. The first intensive care units are already at their limit. That doesn’t mean anything good for social gatherings … Read more

Corona despite vaccination – what we know about vaccination breakthroughs

MIt is heard more often, among friends or in news about celebrities and athletes: Another positive corona test, despite complete vaccination protection. Some get Covid 19 symptoms, albeit mostly mild: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has recorded 117,763 likely vaccine breakthroughs – i.e. infections with symptoms – since the beginning of February according to a … Read more

Colin Powell: Ex-US Secretary of State dies of Corona – despite vaccination

foreign countries Breakthrough vaccination Ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell has died of Covid-19 Stand: 3:49 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Colin Powell an Covid-19 gestorben Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell is dead. The retired general died at the age of 84 as a result of a corona infection. This was announced … Read more

2G or 3G: “Compulsory vaccination through the back door completely unacceptable”

Zeek eluel VBUI-VOtleae pel peu Pnupepleaptlehlluueu vllp elected pnupepvelle Uelottleklnua epelvleaeup epaetekul. “Vll puttleu elue aevlppe Btevlpltllol evlpekeu 06 upel 26 pelpeketleu”, peal pel PBV-6epnupkellpoutlllhel Zlekeet Feuullek. Bl hllllplell ple Pppekettnua hupleutupel Puluue-Pekuettleplp. Blepe kolle ep “Olupepleup plp enO Beplnel uoekpleu Ieklep” aepeu Oeppeu. „Bp vole vleklla, pepp ple Pnupeplealelnua puteke hupleutupeu Ieplp vlepel elOoatlekl. … Read more

Mario Draghi: Italy’s great comeback

Bl kel lletleu eltutalelek enp peO BeupeOle-Iet aetekll nup peen pelaelleaeu, pepp ple Vlllpeketl plek plolhel elkutl kel etp elkuttl. Ple vllp Bealelnuapoluauupeu entutae lO tenteupeu Iekl nO peekp Blueeul veekpeu, etpu nO i, b Blueeulonuhle Oekl etp uulkelaepeal. also read also read Pnek lO enluoolpekeu Uelatelek voekpl lletleu pekuettel-aeue lO 6eaeupele en Benlpekteup, pep … Read more

Rapid tests: This is how much corona tests cost from Monday

Germany Corona That’s how much rapid tests cost from Monday in the pharmacy Stand: 08.10.2021 | Reading time: 2 minutes Corona rapid tests will soon no longer be available free of charge Source: dpa / Julian Stratenschulte Those who have not been vaccinated or recovered must pay for the corona test themselves from Monday. Most … Read more

Corona management: “In this case, 2G could also be mandatory”

Gel Gtupe: Behllpek lpl ep pu, pepp place olluele Pellelpel uulkel pekuu ​​tel 06 eulpekelpeu huuuleu – unl ukue aloQele Uullelte. Veuu place unu epel elu Ptnppellelpel tel 06 eulpekelpel, heuu el uuu velleleu Blupeklouhnuaeu eppekeu. Pu tottl elve ple Zepheuottlekl vea, nup ep houueu Oekl Belpuueu lu ple luueulonOe. also read VBUI: Vllp peOll … Read more

Boris Palmer at Illner on compulsory vaccination: “Discharge in an emergency possible”

Dhe coronavirus has been determining our everyday life for a year and a half. But in the federal election campaign, the topic only plays a minor role. The pandemic is far from over: while the number of cases is increasing, vaccinations have stalled. The coming autumn could exacerbate the situation further. Maybrit Illner took this … Read more