Only tour operators and agencies can sell the “corridors”

The ministry of health clarifies the tourist corridors, stating that you can only move through tour operators and travel agencies. Let’s see what the ministry writes. When asked whether the purchase of a holiday from an organizer is binding, the ministry replies as follows: “Being the Covid free tourist corridors of the itineraries that involve … Read more

well the summer but now we start again with the Red Sea and it’s a whole different recovery

Massimo Broccoli, commercial director of Veratour A summer of Italian spirit for the Veratour brand, which closed positively with 100% saturation compared to hotel capacity. “We are satisfied with the results, but it must also be said that we have been facilitated, since we had already worked to implement our range in Italy since last … Read more

Famous albums: Deep Purple was able to draw a “Machine Head” record from the ashes of the casino and the winter in the hotel corridors

Series of articles The famous albums, which are created in connection with the BBC cycle of the same name, broadcast by ČT art, are returning after a holiday break. Today, it offers a story about finding one’s own face and fighting against the circumstances, which often brings the best results. It will be the story … Read more

Aiav will take legal action to reopen foreign corridors

Fulvio Avataneo Through its lawyers, Aiav will immediately work to allow agencies to satisfy the requests of customers wishing to travel to the countries included in list E, which includes several crucial destinations for outgoing in the winter months, without any type of repercussion for travel agents. The future of the industry is too uncertain … Read more

disburse resources and open corridors

Marrimo Caravita with Fiavet Emilia-Romagna and Marche in the person of the president Massimo Caravita participated in an organized meeting, where the minister of urism, Massimo spokeGaravaglia, and the representatives of the economic categories of Emilia-Romagna.Massimo Caravita had the opportunity to privately meet the Minister Garavaglia, and discussed the state of the art of support … Read more