Action Figure Insider » Awesome Con’s Science Fair Expands Presence on Convention Floor with Two New Programming Tracks, Science Fair TERRA and COSMOS

Awesome Con’s Science Fair Expands Presence on Convention Floor with Two New Programming Tracks, Science Fair TERRA and COSMOS This year’s science-centric pavilion is the largest yet, celebrating sci-fi, technology, engineering, aerospace, astronomy, and much more Washington, D.C. (May 19, 2022)–Awesome Con’s wildly popular science-centric pavilion, Science Fair, returns to the region’s premier comic and pop … Read more

A handheld space age computer. From shuttles to … film sets

Miniaturization and adaptation – the first “laptop” in space The beginnings of the computerization era (dating back to the 1940s) are inherently associated with large-scale structures like the American ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), the British Colossus and the German Z1-Z3. Three decades later, the dynamically progressing miniaturization and development of components led to … Read more

For NASA, AI Is Key to Navigating the Cosmos

From a robotics and information processing perspective, NASA’s missions have grown increasingly ambitious over recent years, most notably through its long-range probes and Mars rovers. But, as Shreyansh Daftry (an AI research scientist for NASA) explained in a recent talk for the 2021 AI Hardware Summit, there’s a long way yet to go – and … Read more

NASA works to finalize production of $9.7 billion telescope that will replace the Hubble

The astronomical community is eagerly anticipating the finalized construction of an over $9 billion device that, once set up and ready to use, will be 100 percent inaccessible to a hands-on repair crew. The decision to put so much money into the production of a tool that can’t easily be repaired may sound odd, until … Read more

New age space invaders: Stalking the cosmos – Middle East & Gulf News

Virgin Galactic took Richard Branson past the edge of space, roughly 86 km up with Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos following up with a similar journey on board the Shepard Rocket. Welcome to the dawn of a new space age where sightseers become astronauts, well, at least for well-to-do tourists. Companies including SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Space … Read more

Sparked by Star Wars and Cosmos, an SMU scientist studies what goes on underneath surface of planets

Matthew Siegler first got interested in space from watching movies like Star Wars. These works of science fiction convinced him at an early age that scientific advances would inevitably lead to a future where people could walk around on another planet. He dreamed about making space exploration feel as real to others as it felt … Read more