Netflix: “Squid Game” gives tailwind – stock analysis (Raiffeisen Bank International AG)

Vienna ( – Netflix stock analysis from Raiffeisen Bank International AG: In a current stock analysis, Andreas Schiller, an analyst at Raiffeisen Bank International AG, confirms the buy recommendation for Netflix shares (ISIN: US64110L1061, WKN 552484, ticker symbol: NFC, NASDAQ symbol: NFLX). Netflix had a strong result in the third quarter of 2021. Not only … Read more

Five online craft courses with discounts to discover a new hobby and unleash your creativity

New course, new hobbies. With the arrival of September we reactivate the desire to start projects that make our creativity work and crafts are a good way to unleash our imagination without having to be a professional. Not having time is usually the perfect excuse for not taking the final step, but with the modalities … Read more

The 20 best online courses to learn digital marketing in 2021

Digital Marketing has become one of the most profitable industries in the world surrounded by technology. In addition to professionals in the field, many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs seek online courses to learn digital marketing and leverage their careers. While there is great demand for this type of skill, there is a lack of talent in … Read more

There are 33 courses with guaranteed employment. Higher education dropout increased

tiagoafpereira / Flickr This year, there are 30 undergraduate degrees and three integrated master’s degrees without recent graduates registered with the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training. According to the Observer, the total number (33) is lower than in 2020 and 2019, when there were 68 and 63 courses, respectively. The numbers are available on … Read more

From new professions to hobbies: online courses are a great option for learning

The internet is one of the simplest and most powerful tools ever created by humanity and its educational potential is unparalleled. Through the world wide web and several online platforms it is possible to learn from a new professional career to any kind of interesting hobby. Here, it will be possible to know the main … Read more

Parcoursup and the mirage of “non-selective” courses at university

Aurelia Its most favorable position on the waiting list: 4,000e. Worst: 8,000e. For the past month, Flora (the first names have been changed) has been feeling suspended, as Parcoursup returns its admissions responses to higher education. Student at the Hélène-Boucher high school, in the 20e arrondissement of Paris, 14/20 of average, the young girl wishes … Read more