NASA Announces a Dark, Eerie Moon Landing Site For Its Next Rover Mission

NASA is embarking on a new Moon shot, aiming to one day build a permanent crewed station on the lunar surface. Before it sends any people, though, the agency is launching a golf-cart-sized robot to the Moon’s freezing, shadowy south pole. The rover, called the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER), will spend 100 days … Read more

We Can’t Stop Looking at These Stunning Impact Craters on Mars

On dusty, dry, arid Mars, the landscape is stark and bare. No oceans or lakes, no forests, certainly no cities. The result is a world almost utterly alien, its scarred surface exposed under an orange sky. That means we’re treated to images from Mars orbiters that show us views like nothing we could see on … Read more

Chinese Zhurong Rover Gets Mileage of More Than 800 Meters on Mars Crossing Terrains of Rocks, Craters, and Dunes

The China National Space Administration’s Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center said China’s Mars rover Zhurong has gone more than 800 meters on the red planet’s surface. Xinhua said Zhurong was crossing a challenging terrain of rocks, craters, and dunes when its rear hazard-avoidance camera recorded an image of the rover just traveling across the rocks. … Read more

NASA funds hopper to explore lunar polar craters

July 21, 2021 Arizona State University is partnering with Intuitive Machines on a mini extreme mobility lunar vehicle, called Micro-Nova, that will hop around the moon’s surface and take the first-ever pictures inside craters close to the lunar south pole. On July 16, 2021, NASA awarded the project a $41.6 million “Tipping Point” contract to … Read more

“Once Under 100 Meters of Water” –JPL’s Perseverance Mars Report: Heading South to Explore Jezero Crater’s Lake Bed

On June 1, says the JPL, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover kicked off the science phase of its mission by leaving the “Octavia E. Butler” landing site. Until recently, the rover has been undergoing systems tests, or commissioning, and supporting the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter’s month of flight tests. Jezero Crater Prelude –The Flyover The Jezero crater … Read more