ANU scientists create first rocket powered by… mothballs

PhD candidate Dimitrios Tsifakis from the ANU Research School of Physics is undertaking research into using naphthalene as a ‘CubeSat cold gas thruster propellant’. Photo: Jamie Kidston, ANU. The next time you’re at granny’s house, open her wardrobe and take a deep sniff. That’s rocket fuel you can smell. Naphthalene might be better known as … Read more

Lower the criminal majority, create closed centers… what are the candidates’ proposals on juvenile justice worth?

Over the past two decades, juvenile justice has seen many reforms aimed at hardening it. REMY GABALDA / AFP On the right and on the far right, the presidential candidates intend to toughen up the legal response to offenses committed by minors. Valérie Pécresse wants a “Doubling of the number of closed educational centers”, just … Read more

The time to create bonds (and stories) with children and teenagers

There are facts that are decisive for some generations. Throughout history, humanity has faced wars and pestilences whose consequences young people bring in body and soul. One of the most remembered – perhaps because of the landmark it meant for the 20th century – is always the Second World War and Nazism. Millions of Jews … Read more

Standards create the world – Who decides what farmers and horticulturists can make and what we can still buy?

Digitization makes the way food is grown, processed and sold transparent. Standards determine what we call ‘good’. Products must comply with this because processors, manufacturers and retail companies want to prove this to you via a QR or other code. This is how the world of tomorrow is being created at a rapid pace. Those … Read more

7 BTS Members Finally Create Instagram Accounts: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL– Good news came from a member of Bangtan Boys alias BTS, ARMY. The reason is, RM cs finally created a personal Instagram account on December 6, 2021. Launch Koreaboo, Monday (6/12/2021) members BTS have even amassed over 2 million followers each within an hour of making their first post. To find out more, here … Read more

Beata Hlavenková – When I create, I experience the happiest moments

Beat Hlavenková can be heard this autumn – and exclusively in a positive sense. At the end of August, she released the soundtrack to David Ondříček’s film “Zátopek”, while the end of October belongs to her sixth solo album “Žijutě”. In addition, she managed to produce Vojta Nýdl’s debut from Clarinet Factory. Lots of interview … Read more

New Idea: Use the Starship HLS to Create a Lunar Base!

Between the multiple space agencies planning to conduct crewed missions to the lunar surface, the many commercial entities who’ve contracted them to assist them, and proposals for lunar bases, the message of the modern space age is clear: We’re going back to the Moon. And this time, we intend to stay! Just like the efforts … Read more

Young people create startups with debit cards for children and teenagers

Four young students got together at the school to open the first company of their lives with a single objective: teaching finance to children and teenagers. Created by Gabriel noya, 18, e Gabriel Hamoui, 17, in partnership with partners Henrique Waksman, 18, and Ricardo Kovesi, 17, Educard is a startup created to cultivate the financial … Read more

Faced with “the exceptional nature of Corsican banditry”, magistrates want to create an anti-mafia pole

COLCANOPA Morale is at half mast within the justice in charge of fighting Corsican organized crime. In early 2020, a confidential report was sent to the Chancellery to defend the creation of an anti-Mafia pole with special powers, in order to roll back a scourge that challenges the authority of the State over part of … Read more